Check out this gorgeous Art Deco Drape we just added to our Silver Satin Rental Drapery Collection!

These newly inventoried stage curtain rental drapes offer some of the most reflective and striking materials imaginable, and adding or changing the colors of the lights being splashed onto them can give them incredible versatility. This can help stage designers everywhere create stunning and distinctive looks for their shows that are completely unique and unparalleled.  Watch in this short video how elegantly they move when installed on a traveler track!

Everything from a shimmery Satin Austrian Curtain rental to Textura legs and swags, this collection of silver satin curtains has some of the most stunning and versatile drapes we’ve ever created. These drapes all reflect light beautifully, so by simply changing the lighting scheme with sensational color patterns and intensities, you will be able to create an exceptionable look for each part of your show or event, and design a dazzling stage that is truly unforgettable.

This Silver Satin Drapery Collection includes various A La Carte items:
Select the perfect pieces to compliment your stage and satisfy your budget.

  • Austrian Drape
  • Bi-parting Drapes
  • Giant Swags
  • Mini Swagettes
  • Legs
  • Adjustable Swaggy Borders


About Rent What? and Set What? Inc:

Visit our Portfolios and you’ll find we’ve manufactured gorgeous drapes and soft goods for numerous major artists, including Maroon 5, Slip Knot, Green Day, Sting, James Taylor, Dave Matthews Band, Madonna, Rod Stewart and Don Henley. We also manufacture stage curtains for those important productions at elementary, middle and high schools, community theaters, churches and college auditoriums – not to mention providing drapes and soft goods for special events, trade shows, fashion shows, conferences, even the occasional inaugural ball.

Our headquarters and production facility is in Rancho Dominguez in Los Angeles County, California where we service a worldwide clientele looking for the best custom-sewn theatrical drapes. We’re proud to offer our American-made products, and we try to buy American-made products and support U.S. companies as much as possible. Buy or Rent. “Sew What? It’s not a question. It’s the answer!”