We truly are a family of “Whatters” around here, and that is why it with a VERY heavy heart that we report that one of our own has recently passed away. Last week, at almost 19 years of age, one of the most beloved members of the SW team–our darling Sweetie–crossed the rainbow bridge and joined her brother Romeo up in heaven, where she now has the best view of our workplace happenings than ever before.

On a daily basis, no one could instantly put such big smiles on our faces the way that Sweetie did every single time she came to work. And as we have written about before, no one worked as hard as she did to make sure things were “up to snuff” in the warehouse, the sales offices, the lunch room (especially the lunch room!), and everywhere else her colleagues were. There really was no one quite like Sweetie, and we know there never will be.

Her brother Crispin knows he has very big “paws” to fill, but we really believe that he’s going to do an amazing job doing whatever he can do live up to Sweetie’s legacy (especially in the lunch room). We will dearly miss Sweetie’s enormous grin, her adventurous spirit, her unwavering energy, and most of all, her love for everyone and everything here at Sew What? Rest in peace, dear sweet girl… you’ve genuinely earned it. To everyone who was lucky enough to know you, you will always be one in a million.