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Monthly Archives: May 2017

24 05, 2017

Wondering About Velour and Velvet

By |May 24th, 2017|Education, Fabrics|1 Comment

Have you ever seen a beautiful Grand Drape at a theatre and thought, “Wow, isn’t that velvet drape beautiful?” If so, you might be surprised to learn that the beautiful stage curtain that you were looking at was likely made from theatrical velour, rather than velvet.

This beautiful drape, made on behalf of Gridworks for the luxury cruise ship Queen Victoria, was manufactured from IFR 26oz Theatrical Velour

While the two fabrics are similar, there are some definite differences between the two, particularly in regards to weight and depth of nap. In general terms, velvet is lighter-weight, with a corresponding short nap, and is used primarily for apparel, whereas theatrical velour is heavier, tends to have a thicker nap, and is used primarily for drapery. There are also differences in the types of fibers typically used and in how the fabrics are constructed.

Want to learn more about the differences between velvet and theatrical velour, and about theatrical velour is made? We’ve written an article that explains all about it. To download the article as a pdf document, click here: “Wondering About Velour and Velvet?“.

23 05, 2017

Gorgeous New Art Deco Rental Drape

By |May 23rd, 2017|News, Products|1 Comment

Check out this gorgeous Art Deco Drape we just added to our Silver Satin Rental Drapery Collection!

These newly inventoried stage curtain rental drapes offer some of the most reflective and striking materials imaginable, and adding or changing the colors of the lights being splashed onto them can give them incredible versatility. This can help stage designers everywhere create stunning and distinctive looks for their shows that are completely unique and unparalleled.  Watch in this short video how elegantly they move when installed on a traveler track!

Everything from a shimmery Satin Austrian Curtain rental to Textura legs and swags, this collection of silver satin curtains has some of the most stunning and versatile drapes we’ve ever created. These drapes all reflect light beautifully, so by simply changing the lighting scheme with sensational color patterns and intensities, you will be able to create an exceptionable look for each part of your show or event, and design a dazzling stage that is truly unforgettable.

This Silver Satin Drapery Collection includes various A La Carte items:
Select the perfect pieces to compliment your stage and satisfy your budget.

  • Austrian Drape
  • Bi-parting Drapes
  • Giant Swags
  • Mini Swagettes
  • Legs
  • Adjustable Swaggy Borders


About Rent What? and Set What? Inc:

Visit our Portfolios and you’ll find we’ve manufactured gorgeous drapes and soft goods for numerous major artists, including Maroon 5, Slip Knot, Green Day, Sting, James Taylor, Dave Matthews Band, Madonna, Rod Stewart and Don Henley. We also manufacture stage curtains for those important productions at elementary, middle and high schools, community theaters, churches and college auditoriums – not to mention providing drapes and soft goods for special events, trade shows, fashion shows, conferences, even the occasional inaugural ball.

Our headquarters and production facility is in Rancho Dominguez in Los Angeles County, California where we service a worldwide clientele looking for the best custom-sewn theatrical drapes. We’re proud to offer our American-made products, and we try to buy American-made products and support U.S. companies as much as possible. Buy or Rent. “Sew What? It’s not a question. It’s the answer!”

15 05, 2017

Double Kabuki System Dazzles Excited Basketball Fans

By |May 15th, 2017|Products, Projects|1 Comment

Nothing elicits quite the dramatic impact as building up an exciting reveal at a special event, trade show, or concert. Even more electrifying is when it is a Double Kabuki Drop…With the press of a button, the drape first drops from the truss so that it is now hanging down, thereby “masking” whatever secrets are hiding right behind it. Next, when the time is perfectly right, the drape falls to the floor with another press of a button, revealing the mystery that has been waiting right behind–to amaze and delight everyone watching.

No one knows this more than the innovative team of creative production designers at Vincent Lighting Systems (VLS). Lead by Production Manager Derek Hons, VLS has dazzled their audiences for many years with their inventive event designs and one-of-a-kind set configurations. But they have also truly mastered the “art” of the successful kabuki drop by using our rental Solenoid Kabuki Kits for all kinds of special events.

Recently, VLS has been working with the Kent State University Communications and Marketing department by orchestrating some pretty sensational presentations at their men’s basketball home games, which really helped to whip up their fans into an actual frenzy! Utilizing our rental Double Drop Kabuki System, with two of our perfectly suited rental 30’h x 60’w White Poly Muslin backdrops, they were able to design an incredibly provocative “cube” of projected video, lights, and music. They also worked with the brilliant technicians at NPi Audio Visual Solutions to create a truly unique AV program that completely captivated their audience. This was then all displayed on the basketball court much to the delight of the team’s very enthusiastic fans.

As you can see by this phenomenal video, the end result turned out to be absolutely spectacular! Let our team of drapery specialists help you with the ideal rental soft goods and theatrical supplies to design your own unique special event, too.

10 05, 2017

One In A Million Pup

By |May 10th, 2017|Company, News, Rent What Team, Sew What Team|2 Comments

We truly are a family of “Whatters” around here, and that is why it with a VERY heavy heart that we report that one of our own has recently passed away. Last week, at almost 19 years of age, one of the most beloved members of the SW team–our darling Sweetie–crossed the rainbow bridge and joined her brother Romeo up in heaven, where she now has the best view of our workplace happenings than ever before.

On a daily basis, no one could instantly put such big smiles on our faces the way that Sweetie did every single time she came to work. And as we have written about before, no one worked as hard as she did to make sure things were “up to snuff” in the warehouse, the sales offices, the lunch room (especially the lunch room!), and everywhere else her colleagues were. There really was no one quite like Sweetie, and we know there never will be.

Her brother Crispin knows he has very big “paws” to fill, but we really believe that he’s going to do an amazing job doing whatever he can do live up to Sweetie’s legacy (especially in the lunch room). We will dearly miss Sweetie’s enormous grin, her adventurous spirit, her unwavering energy, and most of all, her love for everyone and everything here at Sew What? Rest in peace, dear sweet girl… you’ve genuinely earned it. To everyone who was lucky enough to know you, you will always be one in a million.


9 05, 2017

An Exciting Time For Our Specialty Rental Drapery Collections

By |May 9th, 2017|Company, News, Products|1 Comment

It is truly an exciting time to be a part of the Rent What? Inc. team lately. Not only are we gearing up to be in full summer touring and production season (when things really start to get busy for us!), but we are also in the midst of revamping our Rental Specialty Drapery Collections with some new and absolutely STUNNING pieces that we can now offer to all of our amazingly creative clients. The best part is that these draperies are user-friendly, and ready to be hung up and dazzle your audience—right out of the bag or hamper!

Recently we did a photo shoot at the opulent Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro, California, to showcase many of our stunning new drapery sets and individual pieces primarily from our Timeless and Traditional, Oh So Swanky, and Silver Satin drapery collections. These beautiful photos (and accompanying video, all done by skilled photographer Tom Underhill) are going to be showcased online over the next few weeks. And we couldn’t be more excited to share these new alluring, versatile, and completely unique stage design options with all of our clients very soon!

Let our team of drapery experts know if there is a specific design that you are dreaming about, and we will help you turn that vision into a reality with some of our gorgeous specialty rental drapes today!