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Monthly Archives: April 2017

10 04, 2017

Pipe and Drape for Live Performances

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Did you know that pipe and drape, though originally designed for use as exhibit booths (aka trade show booths), is also a great option for live performance events?

Pipe and drape can be utilized backstage (and even under stage) to create temporary dressing rooms, designate backstage corridors, mask off areas, and more.

But pipe and base isn’t limited to backstage areas. It can also be used onstage as a beautiful backdrop for the performers on stages where truss or other overhead hanging options aren’t available, such as in the photo below:

Want to learn more about how you can incorporate pipe and drape into your next concert, show, or tour? Contact us via phone or online – we’d be happy to talk through your needs and make recommendations for pipe and drape purchase and/or rental options!

5 04, 2017

Stage Glamour!…… An Austrian Curtain per day, keeps the “show blues” away!

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Have you ever entered a theatre and seen a gorgeous Austrian Curtain as the main stage drapery? The front curtain in a no-loft stage is sometimes rigged as a Lift Curtain to achieve a faster and more desirable lifting action than the slower motion of a “left to right” traveler curtain. This is an ideal approach for a variety of reasons.  Most importantly, it offers an exciting visual for the audience as the stage is revealed, but practically, it allows for overhead storage for the drapery where wing space is limited. Great for narrow proscenium venues.

With an Austrian Curtain, the drape is sewn with strategically and evenly placed lift lines on the back side of the drape which line up on the sewn vertical seams.  Horizontal fullness is added by gathering material on the vertical seams, thereby producing a series of soft swags that the Austrian drape is best recognized for. Known as an Austrian curtain, a traditional construction will have both horizontal (25%) and vertical (up to 100%) fullness. The more fullness is added to the drapery, the swaggier and fuller the piece will be.

See a Red Velvet Austrian Drape sewn by Sew What? Inc onboard Princess Cruise Lines.

To add a decorative quality, the curtain may have ribbons, trims or bullion cord added to the drapery. It will often times be lined for durability and for added opacity. Typical fabric choices for an Austrian Stage Drape include synthetic 8oz Super-Vel Velour, Crushed Gloss Satin, and Textura.

Want to learn more about the various stage drapes that are used in both traditional and contemporary theatre and concert design?  Check out our downloadable PDF Guide To Stage Drapery.

4 04, 2017

Event Was Truly “Pretty In Pink”

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After working with COO Ryan Konikoff and his creative and visionary team at Rock the House (RTH) Entertainment Group for so many years, we have come to expect superior stage and event designs on ALL of their events. We truly enjoy being able to work with them whenever possible by providing some of our gorgeous rental stage draperies from all of our Drapery Collections. However, they have really mastered the art of using our Austrian Drapes for some of their incredible event designs, and we just love what they come up with every single time!

This particular function was especially remarkable, as it was for The Cleveland Clinic’s tremendously worthwhile charitable event there in Downtown Cleveland, called An Evening With Scott Hamilton and Friends. We recently received some exceptionally spectacular photos of this event from their photographer, Dale McDonald, that had our entire staff oohing and ahhing like crazy…and you can see why!

By arranging and designing the soft goods, lighting, video, audio and digital registration, RTH worked with event designer Arne Klein on a technical layout that would, in their own words, “1) Provide the high end experience the event chairs, sponsors, and guests have come to expect from this event, 2) Accent some of the new modern touches of the Hilton Downtown Cleveland, 3) Make it REALLY PINK as this monochromatic color palette has become a signature for this beloved Cleveland event.” You can see by these beautiful photos that they absolutely succeeded.

In doing this, they wanted to create a breathtaking venue design that would be remembered long after the event ended. Again, in their own words, “The [30’h x 60’w Ivory Satin from our Delightably White Collection] Austrian drape by Rent What? was selected early on in the process as a stunning classy piece. It lent a bit of familiarity from the previous historic Cleveland venue while fitting very much in place on the center wall of the ballroom. We also chose this particular drape knowing we had one color to work with, [and that it would be showcased brilliantly] because of the depth that is provided by all of the fabulous décor accents around the entire ballroom.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

We were so pleased that our soft goods added to this amazing event’s overall motif, and we were genuinely thrilled to see how magnificent the entire design turned out. Let Rent What? help you create a one-of-a-kind look for your next special event with some gorgeous specialty drapes from our rental collections today….Easy to transport, easy to hang, and even easier to help your event look sensational!