The fast-paced world of rental stage drapes and theatrical supplies is absolutely never a dull moment! Sometimes rental orders go out within an hour, and they can often come back to us within an hour after the event is over. That’s why offering rental options to our clients is so popular with our customers—not having to worry about storing lots of stage drapes, track pieces, pipe and base hardware, pop-up dressing room kits, and everything in between is a huge benefit for many of our clients who either do not have the storage space to keep it safely stored from event to event, or simply do not have the need for the same goods time and time again. This is why we love offering both purchase AND rental options whenever possible!

However, when drapes are returned back to us, our clients haven’t always had full control over their care and transportation, which can sometimes lead to some “unusual” items that can get returned with their rental goods. Sometimes it’s something as innocuous as our clients accidentally returning purchased drapes with their rental drapes, but sometimes it’s unintentionally returning personal items of our customers, their clients, or the venue itself with some of their rental gear. When that happens, we are quick to let them know exactly what has been returned, which order it came back with, and what event it was possibly associated with. And then we help arrange for them to either come by and pick it back up, or help ship it back to wherever they would prefer to keep it. Our customers know that when an item is accidentally returned back to RW? that belongs to them, we will do everything in our power to get it back to where it belongs as quickly as possible. It’s not just our “Extreme Service” that does this, but just common courtesy…. In a touring and special event environment, it’s good to know that someone is always looking out for you, and we know our clients truly appreciate that about us!

Recently though, “something” was found folded within some returned rental drapes that did not belong to our client or their venue, and didn’t actually belong to ANYONE…..It was a baby hummingbird, and just as cute as can be! The poor thing had somehow gotten swept up inside a bunch of large rental stage draperies and put inside a hamper. We had no idea how long the little sweetie was stuck in there, but when the drapes were laid out for inspection back at our warehouse the little beauty was discovered by our staff, and immediately they sprang into action to help this cutie-pie out!

Our Operations Manager Rick Garcia wears many hats in this company, but he also has experience reviving hummingbirds in the past, and so he added one more “hat” to his duties here and took the reins on helping this little one out, too. Knowing that the little sweetie was not only in shock, but probably very dehydrated and hungry also (since they have such a fast metabolism), he worked with some of the sales staff here to mix up a batch of sugar water and use a large straw to slowly get as much into her beak as she could handle. The poor thing was so worn out she could hardly keep her eyes open or her little head up, so we were very concerned for the sweetie’s fate. But after slowly working with her for about ten minutes, we could see her visibly start waking up and getting her bearings. He walked her outside, and opened his hand, and within a minute or so she took off outside like a rocket! This little hummingbird just needed some R&R and a little hydration, and that seemed to do the trick. This was one case where we were ALL very relieved that an “extra item” inadvertently sent back with a rental order was “returned” to where it ultimately belonged…. Outside, flying from flowering tree to tree right here on our sunny Southern California hillside. Company bird Burt was very proud with how our staff helped this little one out—making it a very happy ending for this rental return, indeed!