With the exception of those who have been in the theatre or a related area for years, most people are unfamiliar with the many types of curtains that can grace the stage of a theatre or concert stage. For the average person, knowing the difference between an Austrian and a Contour isn’t important, as long as the curtain looks nice on stage.

But what about those people who may be new to the theatre but¬†need to learn the basics fast? Consider the mom who has offered to help her daughter’s school source a new grand drape, or the brand new production assistant tasked with getting quotes for stage drapery options for an upcoming tour? Or even those who know what they want but don’t know what to call it or how to describe it when speaking to a stage drapery manufacturer such as Sew What? Inc.

The good news is, to help people navigate the various types of stage drapery, we have created “Guide to Stage Drapery: Styles and Finishes.” This fifteen-page guide explains stage curtains from Austrians to Contours, from Teasers to Tormentors, and Cycloramas to Scrims. Common stage curtain terms such as fullness and pleating, top and bottom finishes, and more are also explained, and the guide includes a variety of photos and drawings¬†of drapery styles and finishes.

The best thing? This pdf guide is free to download (opens in a new window). Just click here: “Guide to Stage Drapery: Styles and Finishes.”