We love providing sensational rental specialty drapes for our clients’ concerts, productions, and school events, and we also love providing them with the most ideal purchased soft goods. And even better yet, it’s especially fantastic when we get to provide a mix of rental and purchase together–so that they get exactly what they need to help them create a one-of-a-kind stage design that will completely wow their audiences!

Recently we got to work with BJ Garmon, the very creative Theater Manager and Technical Director at St. John’s School in Houston, Texas, on some of the design elements needed for their school production of Curtains, The Musical. He needed to recreate one of the pivotal scenes in the original play’s stage design, and he ended up choosing some of our gorgeous Silver Crushed Satin Legs from our “Silver Satin Collection” of specialty rental drapes. However, he also wanted to dress up parts of the set with some smaller pieces of the same fabric, but didn’t necessarily need such large drapery pieces. So he ended up purchasing some yardage of the same exact IFR Silver Crushed Satin fabric to help add extra embellishments to the parts of the stage he needed to. The final look was truly spectacular!

As the set designer for this production, BJ also worked with skilled Lighting Designer Arron Garrett to help create this dazzling stage design. Because our versatile Silver Satin Collection drapes reflect lighting so brilliantly, Arron did a really exceptional job giving the stage various distinctively beautiful looks by changing the lighting schemes and intensities throughout the scene. Photographed superbly by photographer David Elder, you can see how a simple change of lighting really helped give the stage design an exciting, dramatic feel. With such an incredibly talented team working on this production, their show turned out to be a smashing success! Let one of our specialists assist you to choose the most captivating specialty rental draperies and custom stage curtains for your special event or production, because sometimes combining rental goods with purchased goods is the perfect way to really astonish your audience with a one-of-a-kind look!