We love getting to see our products being successfully used out in the world with our fabulously creative clients—especially our diverse selections of rental goods, because we love seeing that they are rarely used in the same way twice. Recently we received a fantastic video of one of our clients, The Crossing Church at Chesterfield, using our dependable, lightweight, and easy-to-install Kabuki Solenoid Kits for their special holiday production.

Director of TechArts at The Crossing, Mike Frost, and his team wanted a way to build some excitement during a program which had numerous song sets, yet also create a special reveal that their audience would talk about LONG after the production ended. By adding in our versatile Solenoid System to their own hanging soft goods, and utilizing some dramatic lighting and staging, they were able to amaze and engage their parishioners with a sensational Kabuki Drop during their program that truly exhilarated the crowd.

The three drapes hanging, while being projected upon.

The solenoids have been released, and the drapes start to fall.

The drapes are nearly to the ground, to be whisked away off stage.

A solenoid kabuki system is a dramatic effect you can add to any special production or concert–you can see in the photos and video clip that their drapery fell cleanly and neatly to the stage, producing a breathtaking reveal for everyone watching. Our easy-to-assemble and even easier-to-use Kabuki Solenoid Systems allow you to “reveal, drop and roll” just about any drapery element or backdrop. Have some fun with your audience by using a Kabuki Drop at your next concert, church production, or trade show special event!