We are truly grateful that our clients’ special events come in different sizes and styles—everything from the largest of awards shows and concert tours, down to the local church’s holiday production or a wedding reception. Helping all of our clients—big and small–create the exact design vision they always imagined is our passion, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Recently we were able to help one of our very creative clients, Fade Up Design Group, create a gorgeous background for a high-end bridal show they were doing locally in Omaha, Nebraska. Working with owner Heath Marrinan, we helped them create an elegant background for a stunning wedding display of some of their own clients. We knew that they wanted to be able to have a backdrop that would be completely stunning in and of itself, but also have some texture and depth so that they could play off of it with some sensational theatrical lighting. However, since it was a bridal show taking place inside a ballroom, they didn’t have as much height or width as they might normally have at their events, so they also needed something that “packed a big punch” in a much smaller size.

The perfect solution was to use our 12’h x 10’4”w Non-Operable IFR White Textura Austrian Zip-Walls from our Delightably White Drapery Collection, which enabled their team to simply yet effectively create a sensational look that would showcase their floral and cake displays, too. By lighting it all with several different color schemes, they were able to play around with different ambiances by simply mixing up the color palette and saturation level to give the design a fresh and exciting look throughout the event. You can see how a little change of color can also effectively change the entire feel of a design, as these drapes spectacularly reflect any light splashed on them.

Let us provide your next concert or trade show with some of our beautiful specialty rental stage drapes, and help you easily create a unique and memorable impression at your own special event!