I love to share the spectacular concert scenes that we have decorated with drapery over the years. There is so much to learn from looking thru our photo archives of old projects.  With so many flame-retardant backdrops and drapes in inventory at Rent What? Inc, and such a variety of creative ways to use them, there is always something eye-popping to show off.

I thought for this post that I would share some pictures and information from Olivia Newton-John’s US tour which featured pieces from our Silver Satin Collection. As you know our rental inventory is hamper friendly and tour ready, making our backdrop and drapery pieces the perfect fit for touring artists. As a fabric, Gloss Satin has proven itself to be a durable, show-stopping option for touring concert draperies. The color silver is unique in that it lights to almost any color, and has a gorgeous hi-tone offering eye popping reflection in a fully lit stage environment.

Olivia Newton-John performed at the Fantasy Springs Casino in California with her rental drapery set from Rent What? Inc.  What a dynamic stage scene! Love the gorgeous colors and overall glamour of this designed rental set. (Design by Butch Allen)

Used for this tour were 2 swags and a baseline of pre-pleated drapery panels.  This particular look can be adjusted to fit within either a 24h x 40w stage landscape, or used for a 30h x 60w concert size installation.  The pieces are pre-sewn and come out of the hamper ready to go.  No muss and no fuss.  Just hang and add lights and artist and you have yourself one spectacular scene.

For clients who are moving in and out of different venues of varying stage sizes, this set is particularly flexible.  As each of the swags and pleated drape segments is sewn with its own individual webbing and ties, it means that they can be placed or positioned differently each night to fill the space required.  For low trim options, just fly the drapes into the stage deck and do a quick tuck and roll! Major flexibility, eliminating the need for an A-rig vs B-rig package.  Look at more Silver Satin Collection Photos on our website to get even more inspiration.

Our ambition at Rent What? Inc is to acquire new and modern pieces for this Silver Satin Series. Challenge us with your design – our team of fabric artists will create it for you.  Rebellious creativity, surprising ingenuity and an against-all-odds, must-do approach to customer service are our most unique company attributes.