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Monthly Archives: February 2017

14 02, 2017

Introducing “Dark Angel”

By |February 14th, 2017|News, Products|1 Comment

At Rent What?, it’s not enough for us to rest on our laurels with our wide variety of rental options, including specialty drapery, masking drapes, backdrops, hardware and automation, pipe and drape, and more. We are continually listening to our customers, and introducing new items into our rental inventory based on the needs expressed by our customers.

One of the things our customers have asked for recently is yet another specialty grand drape. Something with the same beauty and “wow factor” as our Crimson Cabaret Grand Drape set, but also something different and unique.

They asked and we did it! I am so excited to tell you about the newest addition to our Timeless and Traditional Drapery Collection, because it really is an amazingly beautiful and versatile grand drape set.

Named “Dark Angel,” this set includes 2 biparting drapes of 30’ h x 31’ w (making up a Grand Traveler of approximately 60’ w). The design of the biparting drapes features a sexy sparkling combination of Black 15oz Encore adorned with Silver Illusion, Black Chrome Illusion, Silver Bullion Fringe, and, most dramatically, a repeated “angel wing” motif in rhinestone applique.

Thank you to the Theatre at Ace Hotel Los Angeles for graciously allowing us to photograph in this amazing venue!

Not only is this set beautiful, it is also versatile. The dramatic design lends itself to use in a wide variety of concert set designs in genres ranging from hard rock to pop to country, depending on the design of the additional set elements.

I’m sure that this amazing rental drapery set will be flying out the doors in the upcoming tour season! Contact us by phone or online to discuss renting it for your next tour or show!

9 02, 2017

Fantastic Throwback Thursday…………….Sew What? crafts a custom applique stage drapery for the Motley Crue final tour

By |February 9th, 2017|Clients, Digital Printing, Fabrics, Projects|1 Comment

Did you know that Sew What? Inc created the custom sewn backdrop with applique pentagram for rock heavyweights Motley Crue, and their Final Tour?  In this concert backdrop we see a traditional theatrical Sharkstooth Scrim is used for the main backdrop cloth. Then a digitally printed applique element is painstakingly pinned, sewn and then trimmed away to reveal the opaque on sheer pentagram for use on the Motley Crue Final Tour.

What makes this type of stage drapery unique is that the various layers supply a variety of special effects when the piece is hung and lit appropriately.  The Sharkstooth Scrim is a very traditional textile that has been used for opera and ballet installations into theatres for many years.  Sharkstooth scrim is available both in 100% cotton and also now in an Inherently Flame Retardant polyester version.  This makes it even stronger and more reliable for the touring marketplace. Scrim is best known for its “magical” property which allows it to be front lit and appear opaque, or when the front lighting is removed and the items behind it are lit it then appears transparent.

See the transformation and creation of this special order backdrop as it is crafted right here in our facility:

Video By Tom Underhill

The 2015 leg of the Motley’s Final Tour included shows all across the globe. By the end of the tour, The Final Tour visited an impressive 5 continents (North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia) for a total of more than 164 shows. Durability is needless to say…. extremely important. We selected a 3 thread scrim for this project, and utilized heavy knit for the digitally printed element as it is both durable and wrinkle resistant. This piece was hung in front of a massive pyrotechnic effect. The effect was revealed when the front lighting was removed from the Sharkstooth Scrim.  WOW!