It is very rare for us to talk about how the current weather conditions in our area might be affecting our company, our warehouse, our distribution, or even our employees on a more personal level. This is because we live in what is usually a rather temperate, sunny, Southern California environment—which we absolutely LOVE! Lately, however, you may have heard of some pretty powerful storms that have swept through our region and most of the southwest part of the country, causing some minor (and not so minor) headaches for our entire company (the sewing team, drivers, and logistics departments especially!). However, what might have caused some companies to shut down altogether for a few days only seemed to strengthen our incredible employees’ high level of dedication to each and every one of our clients. No matter what it took to get the job done, my colleagues’ strong work ethic shone through like we’d never seen before, and we could not have been any prouder!

First case in point was on one of the WORST storm days this city has seen in over a decade, in which we had scheduled to not only go out on an all-afternoon installation in Long Beach, but we were also scheduled to meet with our amazing clients Long Beach Symphony and their Director of Operations Peggy Magee to go over some possible changes to their drapery needs for some upcoming shows. Not only was our team of techs ready and willing to drive in this storm, but they did the delivery and installation with the wonderful folks at the arena with smiles on their faces and energy in their steps, and still managed to safely and beautifully get everything installed for their show on time.

Second case in point was when we came back to the office on Monday morning, only to find out that, like many Angelenos over the weekend, the power to our entire facility had been taken out in the storm over the weekend. Mud, debris, and historical flooding in our area all seemed to do a number on the wiring into our building, and the city told us it would take a minimum of 8-10 more hours to get things up and running again. But with a warehouse full of eager staff at the ready, and an entire docket of orders to finish by end of day, what could we possibly do…? Why, we checked in with the fine folks at one of our regular clients, Gallagher Staging, who were extremely generous to lend us the use of one of their dependable generators for the day. With the electricity it provided, we were not only able to stay on schedule for our current orders, but also make sure that everything already prepped for the day was then ready to be picked up or delivered on time. Whew!

They say that trials and tribulations are only brought about to make you stronger, and I truly believe that especially after seeing the incredible team effort every member of the Whatter family did during these recent storms to help make sure our clients got the quality goods that they come to expect from us. And that everything would all stay on schedule, too. We really care about our wonderful clients, and it always warms my heart to see our company’s earnest efforts on their behalf time and time again—no matter WHAT the conditions may be!