Looking for TEXTURE? Then look no further than our Metal Mesh Rental Drapery from the Rent What? Inc Industrial Textures Drapery Collection.  Curvaceous and cutting edge, this drapery series focuses on mixed media pieces and textiles that will please artists and lighting designers alike. Often with modern artists or modern themed stage shows we find that designers are looking for more texture, and for clean lines and architectural surfaces.  The beauty with texture is that it gives a rich palette for lighting. With some mix and match color tones and sharp multi angle lighting the effects can be quite mind blowing.


Metal Mesh also offers a hidden benefit – it is very light weight – which reduces load on the rig and helps with weight specs for tours that are trying to travel light.  We are offering these versatile and dramatic panels in both 23’h and 28’h trim heights.  So there is something to fit any stage size.  You can even backlight the drapes for a blowthru screen effect.

In this photo below the metal mesh was hung in layers in front of a poly muslin cyc, creating a shadowbox effect and offering front and rear lighting opportunities to The Decemberists designer Anne Militello.

For outdoor events with wind load concerns these mesh panels offer the benefit of pass thru wind flow, in turn reducing the resistance for stormy occasions.  Perfect for festival stages. (Remember to share any design and drapery with your engineer where wind / rain / snow load might be a factor.) Select the perfect pieces to compliment your stage and satisfy your budget. Backdrops, Banners, Legs and Borders.

If you want to learn more? – View inspirational images of our unique Industrial Textures Rental Drapery in our online gallery!

About Rent What? Inc. Rent What? Inc. is committed to providing an ultimate experience in drapery rental products and customer service. Did you know that we have set the stage for artists including Janet Jackson, Foo Fighters, Nickelback and John Legend. In addition to our large inventory of Inherently Flame Retardant stage drapes, traveler tracks and portable dressing rooms, the company is widely regarded for its basic pricing schedules, innovative damage waiver policy and fast and friendly service. For information on the Metal Mesh drapery collection or any other rental backdrop drapery concerns, contact Rent What? Inc. at (310) 639-6000.