We truly feel like we are part of one big “Whatters” family around here, and we thoroughly enjoy celebrating all of the wonderful accomplishments and magical moments of our colleagues, too. Recently we got to not only find out that two of our favorite staff members had gotten engaged, but then we also got to plan a fun surprise celebration for one of them (with the help of the other one)! Our Warehouse Manager, Rick, and our Receptionist/Administrative “Guru,” Andrea, have been dating for several years now, and we cannot imagine two people who are more perfectly suited for one another than these two. As you can read by their “Meet the SW Staff” blog entries, they both have a huge love of adventure, and the tropics in particular. So when they went on a spectacular backpacking/hiking/off-roading adventure down in Costa Rica in mid-January, we knew that they were going to have the experience of a lifetime.

What we all didn’t know at the time, though, was that Rick had been planning this trip, and his proposal to Andrea (with a custom-made engagement ring), for quite some time now. Their trek deep into the heart of numerous jungles, beaches, and volcanic natural parks went incredibly well, with all of the drama, and wild animals, that the rain forest could throw at them. But nothing was quite as dramatic and memorable as when Rick proposed to Andrea in front of a stunning church in a village so far off the beaten path that they had to drive down miles of mountainous dirt roads just to reach it. And we’ve been told it was completely worth it!

When they got back and let us know what they had done, we were too excited to let it pass without some sort of celebration. So with Rick’s help, we got Andrea out of the office for a little while, and when they got back we had the entire staff and a huge, beautiful cake (personalized in just the way we knew the two of them would get a kick out of) and rows of glasses of sparkling cider waiting to surprise her in the warehouse with the proper toast this fabulous occasion deserved. We are so lucky we have the two of these remarkable people to help keep our companies running smoothly on a daily basis, but we know that the two of them are even luckier to have one another. Congratulations, Rick and Andrea—all of us Whatters wish you a lifetime of laughter, humor, adventure, and all the love your hearts can hold!