Sometimes choosing the right fabric for your stage or event design is just as important as the right style of drapery. Having an incredible stage drape won’t mean as much to your design team if they are not able to use it towards creating their own unique design vision. Having versatility is a fundamental aspect in many stage designs, whether they be for a trade show, church production, concert tour, wedding or special event, or anything in between.

A truly stunning case in point for this clever use of fabric is showcased beautifully by the stage design used in the recent Johnny Mathis 60th Anniversary Christmas Concert Tour show in Fresno, California. Led by Dion Cook and the creative team at Sacramento Production & Lighting, they wanted some gorgeous stage drapes that would add dimension and class to the stage design, and yet still be versatile enough to have a variety of colored theatrical stage lighting and gobos projected on them to help create a fresh new look for each part of the concert. They chose some rental 30’h x 10’w Silver Textura Pleated Draperies from our Silver Satin Collection for their stage, and as you can see, the look they created was SPECTACULAR! Textura is a fabulously luxurious fabric that is not only durably flame retardant, but it is lightweight, easy to hang, and reflects lighting wonderfully!

By simply bunching the drapes up near the stage, and projecting some holiday-themed colors and gobo designs onto the drapes, Sacramento Production & Lighting were able to create a festive look to their stage design throughout the entire concert. Unique touches like that really helped give the show a really special feel throughout, and the audience loved every minute of this dynamic concert with one of our country’s most beloved entertainers. Let our team of experts help you create a one-of-a-kind look and feel for YOUR upcoming event or concert, too—using rental drapes, custom-built drapes, or a possibly even a combination of both!