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27 12, 2017

Induction Ceremony Dazzles Audience With Metal Mesh Drapes

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We love that stage and event décor doesn’t need to rely on just traditional “soft goods” anymore. Nowadays, productions, ceremonies, special events, and concert tours utilize all kinds of fabrics, substrates, textures, colors, and styles to help create their own unique and memorable looks. Recently we were pleased to work with Alex Krompic, the creative and multi-talented Manager of Production Services at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, Tennessee. He needed some spectacular drapes for their star-studded Medallion Ceremony for this year’s truly exceptional inductions into the Country Music Hall of Fame—country music’s highest honor–and we knew that we could help with some of our alluring drapes from our Specialty Rental Drapery Collections.

With universally beloved troubadours and song-writers Alan Jackson, Don Schlitz, and Jerry Reed being inducted, Alex knew that they wanted a remarkable backdrop for their stage. They needed it to look fabulous behind the various country-music dignitaries that would be paying tribute to the inductees, which they knew would cross multiple generations, backgrounds, and styles. (Special surprise guests included fellow Hall of Fame members, who “welcomed the new inductees to their exclusive club”: Bill Anderson; Bobby Bare; Bobby Braddock; Harold Bradley; Charlie Daniels; Jimmy Fortune of the Statler Brothers; Fred Foster; Vince Gill; Kris Kristofferson; Loretta Lynn; Charlie McCoy; Duane Allen, Joe Bonsall, William Lee Golden and Richard Sterban of the Oak Ridge Boys; Randy Owen of Alabama; Connie Smith; George Strait; and Randy Travis.)

With lighting and staging masterfully designed by Alex himself, he ended up choosing a Metal Mesh Backdrop from our Industrial Textures Collection for this important event, which helped give it a classically edgy appeal that they knew would help showcase just how special these inductees really are. You can see with these amazing photos taken by photographer Mike Boyle what an unbelievable job Alex did with the lighting and stage design for this heartfelt affair.

Light them up with theatrical stage lighting, or even just pop a natural-hued spot light on them, and these metal mesh drapes are always a sure-fire way to wow the crowd! Lightweight, easy to hang, and extremely versatile, the variety of drapes in our Industrial Textures Collection are always a fun way to design your stage, for any-and-all types of special events. We were thrilled with how amazing our drapes looked, and honored to be a part of such a prestigious ceremony.

18 12, 2017

Brilliant Graphic Design is Showcased in this Mixed Media Backdrop for Gov’t Mule

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Rock ’n’ roll music has always been a reflection of the times, and the new Gov’t Mule album, Revolution Come… Revolution Go, is no exception. The album was released June 9th, and the band again sets the tone for their legacy with its cleverly-crafted songs, intelligent lyrical commentary, and downright provocative playing. It’s those traditions, combined with an observant eye on the present, that define their tenth full-length studio effort.

This current tour supports the new album release, and Warren, Matt, Danny and Jorgen deliver a patchwork of musical styles, and you can see the passion in their performance in these wonderful photos by Heath Robson.

Image by Heath Robson

There are so many ways to approach each custom backdrop that we are asked to craft.  For a great number of our backdrops, the entire design is digitally printed on our wide format digital printer.  For Gov’t Mule, however, the bold design of the medallion style logo with its solid black surround lent itself perfectly to us crafting a mixed media backdrop. We used both solid opaque black cloth as well as a digitally printed replication of the central graphic, and then with great care we stitched them together into a multi layered piece of textile art.

Working with Tour Manager Fred Cox, we selected 22oz Encore Velour for its wrinkle resistant knit construction to be used for the black background.  Encore is a wonderful substrate for mixed media backdrops as when it is scissor cut it does not fray – allowing for intricate shapes and designs to be taken from the baseline fabric.

Image by Heath Robson

The medallion element in the center was printed in full and glorious color onto our Heavy Knit print fabric. This is a wrinkle resistant knit construction, that takes bright and bold colors well, and is a perfect candidate for applique.  After years of use in the marketplace, this substrate has proved itself a perfect match for tours and projects which require long periods of hamper storage.

The combination of Heavy Knit and Encore Velour is very popular for mixed media backdrops. Not only do our clients love this flame retardant cloth combination – but our sewing room does too! Both fabrics make their way through the sewing machines with ease, making this fabric combination, quite literally, a win-win.

Image by Heath Robson

The medallion area, once sewn onto the black drape, was then treated as a “feature element”.  We turned the drape on its face and meticulously cut away the black Encore Velour from the back of the printed areas.  What this did was allow for the medallion to glow (as it is a translucent fabric) when back lit by revealing it from behind.  This painstaking process required hours of careful trimming and hand scissor cutting to remove the Encore and reveal the glowing central element. Custom sewing for the Entertainment and Event Industry, such as this, is a specialty of ours.

Image by Heath Robson

From the Gov’t Mule website, Haynes is quoted to say, “In many ways, the chemistry between the four of us is an extension of the chemistry that the original trio had. The approach we take to the music is the same uncompromising and adventurous approach, although it’s inevitable that the music is going to grow in different directions. The common thread is the influences we choose and the way we play together, which harkens back to how important improvisation was in most of the music we all love. At the end of the day, we’re friends. Making this music is satisfying in a way that’s completely different from any other project I’ve been a part of. That’s what inspires all of us.”

Image by Heath Robson

About Sew What? Inc:   Custom sewing. It’s our passion, our bread and butter. It’s how we got started and what we live for. Our custom-sewn drapery products have graced the stages of many of the biggest names in music and theater, dressed some of the top fashion show runways, and brought color and drama to major trade show exhibits here and abroad.

We serve these main market areas: Theatrical Drapery Manufacturing, Touring Draperies for Concerts, and Custom Sewn Products for Special Events & Trade Show Exhibits. The portfolios below display many examples of our work and may offer you some ideas on what’s possible with custom drapery. Need ideas? Visit our various Portfolios below or our Flickr Gallery for past projects, and then review fabric choices.

12 12, 2017

Simple Yet Beautifully Inspiring!

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This is an exhilarating and exciting time of year for a lot of our clients— holiday trade shows, plays, concert tours, and parties all add merriment and joy to audiences all over the world. Some of our most enthusiastic and creative customers this time of year are church groups throughout the country, creating incredible productions that dazzle their parishioners far and wide.

Recently, imaginative and talented production designer Chase Hall with Passion City Church, came to us looking for some simple—yet beautiful–custom-built stage drapes for the band Passion Music’s upcoming tour. They wanted something that would be translucent, but not necessarily as “see-through” as scrim. These drapes needed to be lightweight, sheer, and stunning all on their own, but also be able to have video and images projected onto them clearly. And most importantly, the drapes needed to be durable enough to survive being hung up and taken down again and again for shows in-house and while on tour.

They decided on some gorgeous, custom-built, IFR White Voile Tall Legs. These multi-functional drapes had webbing and ties on top, reinforced side hems, and a pipe pocket bottom so that they could either weigh them down when the drapes needed to be taut, or have them be able flutter with movement when they wanted a completely different look.

Easy to hang, easy to transport, and a lighting designer’s dream come true. Best of all, these versatile drapes were exactly what our client had envisioned for their tour’s stage design. Their lighting designer Davis Kornegay also did a phenomenal job with the lighting effects on the band’s staging, giving the entire appearance a truly inspiring and jubilant feel.

We are so unbelievably lucky to be able to work with such innovative and talented people all around the country, and with the people at Passion City Church especially. Let our team of rental and sales representatives help you get the drapes and custom soft goods that you have always dreamed of for YOUR OWN upcoming holiday productions and special events, too!

4 12, 2017

Hi-Tech Rock’n Roll Staging and Pipe and Base Exhibit Supplies Blend Seamlessly

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Hi-tech rock’n roll staging and pipe and base exhibit supplies blend seamlessly in in this unique touring backdrop setup for Joe Cardamone.

Critically acclaimed Los Angeles artist Joe Cardamone has been secretly slamming away making beats on an MPC during late nights in his studio. Although these beats were initially played with no goal besides personal creative expression, his network quickly identified that his style holds a unique singularity and power. Over the course of 2016, the night beats evolved into a powerful collection of over 40 songs. This collection juxtaposes both contemporary street and popular sounds, manipulated by punk death noise and psychedelic visuals to mesmerize and energize the eyes. Heavy and Beautiful. Noise and Melody. Tunes conjured from samples and sounds with conventional instruments cast away.

Joe’s album Holy War will be released over the course of 2017 in a series of volumes. The Holy War Tour is currently travelling through Europe, with the month of November filled with dates in Poland, Sweden, The Netherlands and beyond.

For Joe’s tour, he needed a portable, easy to set up 10′ x 16′ white projection surface that would be tour friendly and take front projection well (with some wrinkle resistance).  Rather than mess around with rigging, a ground support system was determined to be the most friendly for this purpose.  We settled on some exhibit supply components – a unique use for telescopic adjustable pipe and base components.  Two uprights and bases with one 16 foot span drape support all bundled neatly into a carrying system that is bus and airline friendly.

For the projection surface, a soft fabric substitute was most viable for going in and out of a carry bag after each show.  Traditional projection screen from vinyl isn’t tour friendly, however our Internationally Certified Trevira Polyester Muslin is a perfect cloth substitute for a front projection surface.  We crafted the drape with a pocket top so that it was an easy and neat installation onto the drape support of the “goal post” style pipe and base set-up.

Joe was an awesome client to work with.  We are always delighted to work with creative, passionate and talented musicians. Keep your eyes and ears open for Joe Cardamone’s Holy War – and don’t miss an opportunity to catch a performance.

See and hear more of Joe Cardamone:



YouTube: Out Of Road from the Holy War Collection

28 11, 2017

Interesting Blog Post Explaining Knit and Woven Fabrics

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Here at Sew What?, our focus is on the manufacturing of custom stage drapes and other soft goods. Along the way, we love to educate our blog readers about stage drapery – from the different material options to fullness to finishes.

Recently, Megan read a post from Dutch Label Shop that does a great job at explaining the differences in knit fabrics and woven fabrics, and so I thought I’d pass the information on to our readers. Click below to read this interesting post:

The Difference Between Knit and Woven Fabric

While Dutch Label Shop is focused on sewing apparel (they sell custom clothing labels), this post applies to fabric used in a variety of applications – including stage drapery and soft goods. For example, for digitally printed backdrops, we have both knit (such as Heavy Knit) and woven (such as Cotton Canvas) fabrics available.

We utilize many fabrics, both knit and woven, when making custom stage drapes, mixed media backdrops, LED Stardrops, and other stage soft goods. Of course, different fabrics work better for different needs, so we always offer the most appropriate fabric for the project – whether that be a knit fabric or a woven fabric.