It really does “take a village,” as the saying goes, to get a job done right. No more so than in a company that provides beautiful, affordable, and completely unique theatrical draperies and supplies to concerts, trade shows, schools, churches and productions all over the country. To help get the rental and custom-built goods where they need to go, and when they are needed, takes an incredibly talented, skilled, and industrious team of folks that care as much about the products they are shipping as the clients who are receiving them!

I am proud to say I work with some of the most intelligent, engaged colleagues imaginable, and that I regularly see their hard work come in to play. On a daily basis, as the Logistics and Traffic Coordinator for Sew What? Inc. and Rent What? Inc., I experience firsthand how much work it takes our entire sewing staff to get the soft goods built, inspected, and ready to ship to our clients. However, I also see how much tireless effort our shipping team puts into making sure everything is prepped, packaged, and ultimately shipped out (or shipped back to us for our rental products), and they still continue to impress me!


From left: Danny, Jimmy, Chris, Rick, Marianne, Juan, Raul

In our rentals and receiving departments, Chris and Jimmy ensure that all received inventory is applied to each rental order, and arrange and package our outbound goods in what we’ve been told is the most user-friendly, helpful way our clients have ever seen. Danny is responsible for all of the beautiful and spotless digital printing on our custom-built digitally printed soft goods. Raul helps make sure all of our purchased goods are packaged and shipped exactly where they need to go, no matter what time of day it is.

Juan is our incredibly diligent company driver, making sure that all of our deliveries and pickups happen around town exactly where and when our clients need them, days—nights—weekends—and everything in between. And Rick, our Warehouse Manager, oversees everything and makes sure that everything is running smoothly, and steps in to help at a moment’s notice no matter what the issue is. I know that my world can become a logistical “tangle of knots” sometimes, and so I don’t know what I would do without the daily help of these amazing guys. Helpful, thoughtful, and extremely good at their jobs—it’s everything that we strive for at Sew What? Inc., and we are truly grateful for all of their hard work!