Our clients come to us when they want a beautiful custom-built theatrical stage drapery that is versatile enough to be used for multiple parts of a single performance, concert, or production, and something they can easily transition from one act to another. And not just rock concerts either— schools, churches and trade shows also appreciate being able to have a versatile drape that can be used in many different capacities for the same special event. We love being able to help build a unique custom drape so that our clients get exactly what they envision!


Recently we got to work with the Technical Director of The John Cooper School’s Performing Arts Department, Marcus Bridgewater, who needed us to build them a gorgeous Stardrop LED drape that would fit his stage’s unique dimensions, AND could be used for different scenes of their Fall production of The Boy Friend. At 22’h x 50’w, this stage drape is quite a bit larger than our standard sized Stardrop LED rental drapes, normally at 15’h x 30’w, and so they needed this special drape to be custom built to fit their specific stage dimensions perfectly. Blue-White LED lights on a rich backdrop of black flame retardant Encore Velour gave this curtain the look of a dramatic clear night sky. Easily programmable to have the lights either be completely static (in the photo above), or twinkling at any speed they desired (in the photo below), this drape helped this talented group of actors give each scene the exact look and feel they were going for.


Let our team of experts work with you to assist in the process of figuring out what will work best with your own unique special event or concert designs — rental draperies, custom-built draperies, or a combination of both — and we’ll help you get exactly what you are looking for!