Rental Track – Just as important as having beautiful curtains is to have reliable tracks that support and transport them across the stage. And when the drape fits the track and the track fits the drape, you’re in for a show!


At Rent What? Inc, we’re proud to feature a full complement of superior-quality American-made curtain tracks by ADC, one of the premier manufactures of theatrical curtain transport systems and the only brand that has won UL approval. Available as a rental from the most basic manual walk along to a rope pull system, ADC tracks assure a moving performance at the highest standards. Learn more by visiting

Are you interested in viewing just how easy it is to install these rental tracks?  Then check out this very simple instructional sheet.  One, two, three and travel!


Whether it’s curtain tracks, canvas hampers or a new stage drape that you need, Sew What? Inc. offers all clients the same professional theatrical supplies and curtain products, excellent customer service and at reasonable prices. Don’t overlook our fine line of Canvas Travel and Storage Hampers.

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