It doesn’t need to be a Thursday to have a throwback project day!

Often we are asked about how to achieve a fully “scaleable” stage design with drapery and textile products. This brings me to present a throwback project that was a Dan Hadley design which utilized free standing elements that were skinned with cloth and could be used in any quantity and in any position on stage depending on the venue.  Perfect solution for a small to medium sized theatre tour.

Check out these unique textile “Cut Drop Light Boxes” which we crafted for Dan Hadley’s Sonic Youth Tour design.


The fabrics used on this project were Cotton Sharkstooth Scrim and flame retardant Natural Seamless Muslin

In this extremely unique design, fast fold dimensional frames were clad with custom fabric covers. These freestanding sculptures were combined with internal lighting fixtures to create lightbox-style staging elements that could be positioned as needed at each venue. These pieces served more than just one function. When lit from within, the opaque lining materials captured the light and allowed light to escape from the organic images only. The cotton sharkstooth scrim was used to line the cutouts, so that a fully functional lightbox was created when the internal lighting was employed.


When the structures were front lit – one discovered that they were sculpturally designed shapes with painted exterior scenic treatments and authentically “vintage” burnt edges. The art/sculpture elements were extremely unique, offering a different look and feel for every show. With the  aged and dramatic finishing the overall effect was “deconstructed urban architecture.” Certainly a favorite stage design for us when reflecting on its unique appeal.

The light boxes were framed and had easy-on easy-off enclosures which we designed around the lighting and framing parameters.

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