Sometimes our amazing clients have their bands going on tour all over the world, and want durable, beautiful, and versatile drapery for their stage design, without having to also worry about storing custom built goods in between show sets. The perfect solution is using our incredibly diverse selection of gorgeous flame retardant rental stage draperies that are ready to go, right out of the hamper!


Recently we had Steven Douglas, the Lighting and Show Designer for The Killers, come to us wanting a sensational backdrop for a special show on their tour. It needed to be something that could play with the stage lighting so that they could change the mood and feel of the design for different parts of the concert. But it also had to be something that was truly spectacular and dramatic in its own right. He and our senior sales rep Shane Nelsen decided that the perfect drapes for them would be from our Timeless and Traditional Drapery Collection—our 30’h x 60’w Black Chrome Illusion Austrian backdrop, with a couple 30’h x 10’w Crimson Encore Legs and a 40’w Crimson Encore Border to help frame the stage for this exciting band.


Mixing and matching drapes with different fabrics, colors, textures and substrates can really make your stage design pop, which is exactly what it did for this show. Photographed beautifully by band photographer Rob Loud, we were thrilled to see how stunning their stage design turned out. We highly recommend that you contact a sales rep today to see that using some captivating drapes from our rental inventory, or even just adding some accent pieces to stage drapery you might already own, is an excellent way to create a fresh and alluring stage design for each and every one of your shows or special events!