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Monthly Archives: September 2016

29 09, 2016

Timeless and Traditional Drapery Styles for the Holiday Season

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Getting plenty of inquiries coming in that relate to affordable event and stage drapery looks for the upcoming holiday season.  As always we are well prepared here at Rent What? Inc with a variety of “out of the hamper” and “ready to hang” seasonal drapery sets.

Here are two drapery collections that come immediately to mind should you be planning for the holidays.

Timeless and Traditional Rental Drapery Collection

Capturing the timeless looks of old school theatre and French Burlesque is both naughty and nice.  Select the perfect pieces to compliment your stage and satisfy your budget. We have Austrian Drapes, gorgeous decorated Crimson Cabaret Drapes, Giant Swaggy Borders and Legs, Borders and Jabots to satisfy any full size stage design.

See the full TIMELESS AND TRADITIONAL collection here:

Enjoy a video presentation of this drapery collection on our YouTube channel here:


Silver Satin Rental Drapery Collection

Our silver and pewter toned drapery lights beautifully with a soft yet reflective finish. Not afraid of a hamper or a tour – this fabric is durable, too. Select the perfect pieces from a large inventory to compliment your stage and satisfy your budget.  Austrian Drape, Bi-parting Drapes, Giant Swags, Mini Swagettes, Legs and Borders are all in stock and ready to roll.

See the full SILVER SATIN collection here:

Enjoy a video presentation of this drapery collection our YouTube channel here:


14 09, 2016

Unique Mixed Media Backdrop for Passenger Tour

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Last year, we manufactured a Mixed Media Backdrop that was so complex and interesting that, when I stumbled on pictures of it recently, I just had to share it with our readers. We have made many Mixed Media Backdrops over the years, but this particular one for Passenger is particularly interesting due to the many different fabrics used and the various effects each fabric offered.

Designed by Oculus, with artwork created by Sarah Larnach, the image of the sun rising over lush rolling hills was translated to a backdrop with the intent to select specific fabrics with qualities that would take advantage of specialty stage lighting to create contrast and intensity not usually found in a scenic backdrop. First, the vibrant green hills were digitally printed onto Heavy Knit. With the background hills lined for opacity and the foreground hills left unlined, with proper stage lighting the foreground hills can take on a medium translucent glow against the depth of the background hills, or the entire hill area of the backdrop can appear nearly black.


Bryan Dos Reis – Photography / Sarah Larmach – Artwork Element / Okulus – Design

Above the hills, Pewter Textura was used to create the sky and sun. By lining most of the Textura with Sharkstooth Scrim, but leaving the “sun” section unlined, when lit, the sun appears to shine brighter than the surrounding sky. Above the sky, Black Encore Velour fades into the background, creating a nearly invisible header so that the backdrop appears to float.


Bryan Dos Reis – Photography / Sarah Larmach – Artwork Element / Okulus – Design

This was an interesting project for us, and we are so proud of the way our talented sewing staff were able to achieve our client’s vision with this beautiful backdrop. I hope this backdrop can also serve as inspiration to our readers as they consider the many ways that digital printing and theatrical fabrics can combine to make a truly unique backdrop.

6 09, 2016

Sew What? Inc – Have you seen our sewn project portfolios?

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Visit our Portfolios and you’ll find we’ve manufactured gorgeous drapes and soft goods for numerous major artists, including Maroon 5, Slip Knot, Green Day, Sting, James Taylor, Dave Matthews Band, Madonna, Rod Stewart and Don Henley.

Rock and Roll Portfolio

America – the home of legendary rock bands and so many of today’s pop stars. Madonna, Britney Spears, Don Henley, Sting; we have draped and masked stages for the best of them. While we tend to remember a concert in terms of the “set” and the “lighting and effects,” the draperies play an often invisible but integral role in how the show comes together. Giant painted stage backdrops set the scene, masking hides tech areas from the crowd, borders dress the floating trusses to hide the lighting instruments, and skirting surrounds the stage and band risers. Soft goods, as they are known to the “roadies,” are a major part of any touring set.

We also manufacture stage curtains for those important productions at elementary, middle and high schools, community theaters, churches and college auditoriums – not to mention providing drapes and soft goods for special events, trade shows, fashion shows, conferences, even the occasional inaugural ball.

Aveng_Seven Fold_1

Digital Printing Portfolio

If you can visualize it, we can print it. As big or as wide as you want it. Check out our showpage of really impressive digitally printed backdrops and drapes for really impressive showbiz personalities such as Lady Gaga, Kenny Chesney and Brooks & Dunn. And see what can be done to blow away the crowds at major public events and trade shows. We can even combine digital printing with a whole host of special effects that will leave jaws on the floor. Take a look! Rendering vs. finished project – how close will they be? Click here.

Our headquarters and production facilities are in Rancho Dominguez in Los Angeles County, California, where we service a worldwide clientele looking for the best custom-sewn theatrical drapes. We’re proud to offer our American-made products, and we try to buy American-made products and support U.S. companies as much as possible. Visit the Sew What? Inc. News Room for recent articles and additional happenings.