We are genuinely inspired by our ongoing relationship with one of the most popular and innovative artists on the rock scene today—Marilyn Manson. A one-of-a-kind musician, songwriter, actor, painter, singer, composer, and author, he is always eager to take risks with his stage designs in order to create exciting and memorable looks throughout each show. Sew What? Inc. Sales Rep Gwen Winter was thrilled to work with his Production Manager Matt Doherty recently to help create a truly unique backdrop for Manson’s current world tour, which he is going out with another extraordinary band we enjoy working with, Slipknot.

Marilyn Manson Cut Drop

Doherty and his team were looking for a mesmerizing backdrop that would be remarkable in and of itself, but also would be durable and versatile enough to use on stages all over the globe. Starting with having us custom build an IFR Black Encore Velour backdrop, they decided to have us create a multi-media backdrop with an in-house digital print. Working with his stage designers, our graphics team digitally printed a 15’h x 35’w custom design of “Marilyn Money” on super durable Heavy Knit. Then our amazing sewing staff painstakingly appliqued this custom print onto the Black Encore backdrop. As you can see by this photo taken by huge fan Kristy King, the outcome was INCREDIBLE! We love helping our imaginative clients create the exact unique look that they were envisioning—contact one of our helpful Sales Reps and let us help YOU create an exclusive look for your next show or production, too.