We absolutely LOVE seeing the creative ways that our amazing clients utilize our rental stage draperies for their productions, shows, events and concert tours. Especially is the case when they decide to mix and match soft goods from our various drapery collections to create a truly unique and dazzling stage design never seen before! Recently we were thrilled to work with Tour Production Manager Bill Reeves and the team for the Anthony Hamilton Tour, who were looking for something new, something versatile, something durable, and of course, something that would be easy to hang and light up time and time again while out on tour.

INDTEX_Anthony Hamilton #1

Working with our talented sales rep Carrie Johns, they decided that to create a completely one-of-a-kind look for their stage, they wanted to layer drapes from two of our very different—yet very compatible—drapery collections. They used some 30’h x 10’w Silver Satin Crushed Panels as their stage’s main background (from our Silver Satin Collection), and hung in front of it our Camo Kit Legs, 8’w panels at various heights, with a slanted bottom (from our Industrial Textures Collection). These Camo Legs are extremely versatile as you can hang them front or back, either creating a more straight style of “proscenium,” or the opposite way giving the stage frame an exceptional, textured look.

INDTEX_Anthony Hamilton #4

As you can see by these breathtaking photos provided by Tour Lighting Designer Guy Rhodes, with the combination of layering these stunning drapes together while also splashing some dramatic stage lighting onto them, they were able to design a captivating stage behind this incredibly passionate artist. We were so ecstatic to be able to help Bill and his team with these theatrical soft goods and see how really beautiful and memorable their stage design turned out.  If you have a chance to check out Anthony Hamilton in concert this summer, please do—he will not disappoint!

INDTEX_Anthony Hamilton #2