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Monthly Archives: August 2016

29 08, 2016

Marilyn Manson Mixed-Media Backdrop Mesmerizes Audiences

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We are genuinely inspired by our ongoing relationship with one of the most popular and innovative artists on the rock scene today—Marilyn Manson. A one-of-a-kind musician, songwriter, actor, painter, singer, composer, and author, he is always eager to take risks with his stage designs in order to create exciting and memorable looks throughout each show. Sew What? Inc. Sales Rep Gwen Winter was thrilled to work with his Production Manager Matt Doherty recently to help create a truly unique backdrop for Manson’s current world tour, which he is going out with another extraordinary band we enjoy working with, Slipknot.

Marilyn Manson Cut Drop

Doherty and his team were looking for a mesmerizing backdrop that would be remarkable in and of itself, but also would be durable and versatile enough to use on stages all over the globe. Starting with having us custom build an IFR Black Encore Velour backdrop, they decided to have us create a multi-media backdrop with an in-house digital print. Working with his stage designers, our graphics team digitally printed a 15’h x 35’w custom design of “Marilyn Money” on super durable Heavy Knit. Then our amazing sewing staff painstakingly appliqued this custom print onto the Black Encore backdrop. As you can see by this photo taken by huge fan Kristy King, the outcome was INCREDIBLE! We love helping our imaginative clients create the exact unique look that they were envisioning—contact one of our helpful Sales Reps and let us help YOU create an exclusive look for your next show or production, too.

23 08, 2016

Stage Drapes for the 2016 Hermosa Beach Free Concert Series

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We are so excited to have produced the backdrop and various staging elements used at this year’s Hermosa Beach Summer Concert Series held at the South Side of the Hermosa Beach pier in sunny Southern California, arguably one of the best selections of musical acts in California’s free concerts this summer. Now in its seventh year, Saint Rocke and the City of Hermosa Beach have even expanded their Sunday concert series activities this summer, adding a free movie night every Saturday in August.

Sew What? Inc. and Rent What? Inc. also expanded our involvement in the event, crafting the new projection screen along with the regular staging elements for the Hermosa Beach Summer concerts. For movie nights, Sew What? crafted a new full size projection scaled cloth screen.  The screen is suspended by motorized trusses which are raised into position at the front edge of the stage – perfect for large scale front projection of classic and cult movies.


Since breezy nights can be a problem at the coast, rigorous materials testing was completed for the projection screen’s fabric. A preferred polyester knit product was selected for its stretch, moisture resistance and brilliance in accepting the projected imagery. Durable finishes including webbing and grommets that allow for a quick and safe attachment of the screen to the supplied structure for Saturday night viewing, and then easy take-down for storage till the following week.


As in the past, Sew What?’s stage drape designs were featured at this year’s concerts. The backdrop produced showcases the major sponsor’s logo – Subaru Pacific. It is flanked by royal blue encore stage drapes from Rent What?’s rental inventory. The backdrop’s inherently flame retardant polyester knit fabric is brilliant in color and durability and offers just the right amount of color to the stage.

Hanging from the truss grid of the stage are two of Rent What’s SWANKY COLLECTION cloth and aluminum chandeliers.  Blowing in the ocean breeze, they lend the stage a whimsical feel and give the audience a full outdoor daytime look that does not require concert lighting.


Since the outdoor festival event has to stand beachside for a full month – an additional go-to textile selected for the panels on the event stage are vinyl coated print mesh.  The fabric offers durability and great color representation – as well as some blow thru capability, should the winds pick up. Multiple printed pieces are laced into place within the stage’s trussing structure, giving a seamless presentation and proscenium look to the festival stage.

Sew What? further added to the showcase’s look in utilizing our in-house digital printing services. We supplied close to 1,000 square feet of printed products, including adding sponsor logos that emblazon the speaker stacks.


Other event supporters include:

Staging and AV / technical support provided by Scott Ramsey of Broadcast Support Services  Broadcast Support, Inc.
2539-F W. 237th Street
Torrance, CA 90505
Tel: 310-373-2578

Event producer and sponsor Allen Sanford of Saint Rocke Productions.  The Saint Rocke group is an entertainment powerhouse in the South Bay – and we applaud their relentless efforts to support local music, family entertainment, and for being a part of bringing these no cost and low cost family accessible events to the community.

Photo Credit: Tom Underhill

17 08, 2016

Stage Drapery Inspiration is Just a Click Away on our You Tube Channel

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Watch Short, Captivating and ROCKING backdrop-inspired videos on our Sew What? / Rent What? You Tube Channel.


Custom Theatrical, Stage Drapery Manufacturer

Sew What? is the ultimate entertainment and event industries resource for custom theatrical draperies and fabrics.

At Sew What? Inc, we produce everything for theaters and stages, from massive 3-D fabric sets for rock concerts to grand front curtains in world-class auditoriums. While our custom stage curtains and theatrical drapery manufacturing work is considerable, you’ll also find our drapes and soft goods supplies featured at trade show booths and special events nationwide. If you can dream it, we can sew it!

Stage Draperies & Theatre Supplies

Just like your audience, you want top performance. Sew What? delivers! Our Stage Curtains and Theatrical Draperies, Stage Backdrops, Curtain Tracks and Theatrical Supplies exceed your expectations and enhance your shows. With experience that ranges from the hottest rock concerts to the biggest stage events to just about any other kind of production under the sun, Sew What? is the answer.

Special Event & Exhibit Supplies

Sew What? is far more than stage curtains and theatrical drapery. We’re part of what makes your special event special. Sew What? will meet your special event supply needs on-time, on-budget and on-demand no matter when or where your special event is hosted.

Here are a few fan video favorites from our YouTube Channel

The Hollywood Vampires Backdrop – with Johnny Depp!

Vance Joy Backdrop with Digital Printing

All About Backdrops………. A Sew What? Inc Custom Mixed Media Backdrop Showcase

OUR VIDEO GURU and CREATOR is Mr. Tom Underhill @goodeyebadfinger

So next you are going to ask – where did all those killer soundtracks come from?  You see – we love to showcase local and emerging musicianship, too!! So here is some info about our featured musicians.  BIG THANKS to everyone below for their collaboration and continued support.

Brainspoon is a rock ‘n’ roll punk band based in Los Angeles, California. A staple of the Downtown Los Angeles rock scene, the band has earned a solid reputation with its blistering live show and catchy songs. Brainspoon’s music has been played on “Livation” on KXLU Los Angeles, KUKQ in Phoenix, and KKZZ in Ventura, as well as on Goldie’s Garage on Sirius/XM satellite radio. The band has been featured in Sparkplug Magazine, the Ventura County Star, and the VC Reporter. The band consist of Lead Vocals: Daphne Vandervalk, Guitar and Vocals: Michelle Balderrama, Bass: Tom Underhill, Drums: Chris Diez

Brainspoon can be reached at:

It’s OK! was founded by Redd Kross guitar guru, Robert Hecker. He is abetted by his long-time musical cohort, vocalist Ellen Rooney, and the crushing rhythm section of bassist Dennis McGarry and drummer Joey Mancaruso. They base their operations in a secret lair somewhere in the South Bay Area of Los Angeles. Their third album, Cubed, was released in 2015. It’s OK can be reached at:

Rich Cole is a guitarist, songwriter, singer, arranger/music producer, widely recognized for his unique sound and vibe. His style ranges from acoustic rock with vocals to rock instrumental. Rich’s sound has evolved over the many years he has been playing and collaborating with other musicians. You can even hear a Spanish influence in some of his instrumental songs, which he picks up when playing with local bands in Puerto Rico while visiting his home there. His most current songs recorded have been rock instrumentals and include, Frustration, Scorp 11, Flesh Steel & Wood, and The 13th Hour. Rich Cole of RKCMUZIK can be reached at:

9 08, 2016

Mixed Media Backdrops: Unusual Combinations of Textiles Create Spectacular and Unexpected Drama on Stage

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Here’s a #throwback to our #backdrop that we created for the Black Sabbath tour last year.  (Who doesn’t love #Ozzy ?!) The reason why I wanted to reintroduce this image and design is because we get many clients asking about just “how far” a design can push the “mixed-media” textile combination concept.  Honestly – far – very far, is the answer.

The piece for Black Sabbath seen in the image below was extremely unique. The main graphic elements were supplied by way of mapped out live LED screens. So, no two nights were ever the same, with live in-room camera operators feeding each and every unique element of the night’s performance to the audience on the big and bold video walls. Real time video editing brings the action to the audience in such a bold way.

Bla Sab_2

But beyond the newest technology and look of the LED image walls, this design required that we deliver a very “crafted feel” – a gothic, sweeping, vampiric set of asymmetrical arches to frame the screen graphics – bringing a touch of historical and mystical to the stage scene.  Almost like watching Ozzy thru the window of an old cathedral or castle. The base material of the drapery was in fact 16oz cotton commando cloth.  Offering a durable and relatively opaque structure to the entire upstage zone upon which we could cut and craft.  In order to “reveal” the screens, the areas of drape that were cut out required an invisible “network of support nets” so that the drape retained its structure, and offered a solid and stable picture window effect to the projection screens.

The gorgeous thick textures of the arches are embellished with organically crushed flexible aluminum metal mesh – hand creased and bulked to give the effect that it just piling and rolling right off of the stage.

All the elements of course sewn to be durable AND travel in hampers to the next and subsequent shows of the tour. Road ready and tour worthy draperies – that is what we set out each and every day here at Sew What? Inc to produce.

But that isn’t the end of it…….. you CAN add yet more to a mixed media drop at the design and production level.  Adding vacuum hoses to the backside of drapes to divert smoke machine output to specific locations on the face of a drape, embedding individual LED lights for DMX addressable lighting gags and messaging. Or by adding crystals, bling, trim, mirrors and more; you can take the piece to the next level both texturally and dimensionally.

Mixed media backdrops are without doubt a lighting designer’s dream.  Who would not want to have all those surfaces and fabrics and to play with?  Our backdrops are used for front lighting effects, rear and silhouette lighting effects, and sometimes even in magic “sniffer kabuki” gags for a now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t stage effect.

If you can dream it, we can sew it.  Reach out to us with your Mixed Media Backdrop design ideas or challenge.

1 08, 2016

Layering Drapes Creates Dazzling Stage For Anthony Hamilton

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We absolutely LOVE seeing the creative ways that our amazing clients utilize our rental stage draperies for their productions, shows, events and concert tours. Especially is the case when they decide to mix and match soft goods from our various drapery collections to create a truly unique and dazzling stage design never seen before! Recently we were thrilled to work with Tour Production Manager Bill Reeves and the team for the Anthony Hamilton Tour, who were looking for something new, something versatile, something durable, and of course, something that would be easy to hang and light up time and time again while out on tour.

INDTEX_Anthony Hamilton #1

Working with our talented sales rep Carrie Johns, they decided that to create a completely one-of-a-kind look for their stage, they wanted to layer drapes from two of our very different—yet very compatible—drapery collections. They used some 30’h x 10’w Silver Satin Crushed Panels as their stage’s main background (from our Silver Satin Collection), and hung in front of it our Camo Kit Legs, 8’w panels at various heights, with a slanted bottom (from our Industrial Textures Collection). These Camo Legs are extremely versatile as you can hang them front or back, either creating a more straight style of “proscenium,” or the opposite way giving the stage frame an exceptional, textured look.

INDTEX_Anthony Hamilton #4

As you can see by these breathtaking photos provided by Tour Lighting Designer Guy Rhodes, with the combination of layering these stunning drapes together while also splashing some dramatic stage lighting onto them, they were able to design a captivating stage behind this incredibly passionate artist. We were so ecstatic to be able to help Bill and his team with these theatrical soft goods and see how really beautiful and memorable their stage design turned out.  If you have a chance to check out Anthony Hamilton in concert this summer, please do—he will not disappoint!

INDTEX_Anthony Hamilton #2