Sometimes, a customer wants the look of an Austrian Curtain, but doesn’t have the need (or required equipment) for the drape to lift.  The solution?  A non-operable Austrian Curtain.

A non-operable Austrian Curtain has the appearance of a standard (operating) Austrian – all the smiles / small swags – without the D-rings on the back.  Since it will remain in a stationery down position, no complicated lift system is required.  The curtain is sewn with a standard top finish – typically webbing with sewn twill ties – and tied directly onto truss.  The curtain serves as a beautiful backdrop to the show or special event, without the added expense or hassle of a lift system.

For example, we had a customer, Audio Dimensions of Albuquerque,  purchase a gorgeous non-operable Austrian.  At 16′ h x 40′ w, this Grey Super-Vel drape looks beautiful under lighting.  Take a look at these images – I’m sure you’ll agree!

Austrian_ADI_1  Image courtesy of Jon Glasrud, Audio Dimensions


  Image courtesy of Jon Glasrud, Audio Dimensions

Another option is to rent a non-operable Austrian. Our rental Austrian Zip-Walls give you the flexibility to vary the width of the drape. Available in both White (Snow) and Silver Textura, these Austrian Zip-Walls are 12’ h x 10’ w, and can be hung on standard pipe and base hardware. You choose the number of drapes needed to achieve your desired drapery width and then zip them together. Want a 50’ wide drape? Just rent 5 Austrian Zip-Walls.

Naturally, there are times when nothing but an operable Austrian Curtain will do.  Consider the drama of an Austrian Curtain slowly raising to reveal the scene behind. In this instance, a rental lift system with a purchased (or rented) operable Austrian Curtain is the way to go.

But if you are looking for a gorgeous backdrop to a show or event, and you don’t have the need to lift the curtain, consider the possibility of a non-operable Austrian.