We are getting super excited here at Sew What? Inc – as after *many* months of planning and redesigning of our website – we are getting dangerously close to going live with our new mobile friendly website.  We have been working with programmer Beth Nikodem of Orange County Web Design (http://www.orangecountywebdesign.com/web_design_copywriting.html) and Cindy McMahan of Search Marketing Pros (http://www.searchmarketingpros.com/).  Beth and Cindy been integral in our website SEO, design, functionality and coding since around 2008.  Hand in hand, we have been through many incarnations, and adjusted along the way to the need of both our growing business as well as changes in internet search engine protocol.  Staying present in the top pages and ranking well organically has always been our website focus.

In planning the new, mobile friendly site, we took all the most popular information and pages from our existing website, and then took out all the “duplicitous, obsolete and just plain old boring” information – to come up with a better express experience for our website viewers and readers both at their computers AND on their mobile devices.

Continuing to focus on an “educational” approach, and still including lots of inspirational images… we are excited about these fresh and modern changes to our site, all resulting in a better and more engaging website experience.


In looking back over the years, we have really come a VERY long way.  The first website in fact was built in Publisher back around 2002…. I built it myself one weekend……..clip art and all!  As embarrassing as that might seem, it was the beginning of many things to come-  and I am still able to reflect on the old site with some pride! Our first online presence is something to remember.


We are really looking forward to announcing our launch date (which will be very soon) – and we will be sure to share the news via the blog as soon as we do go live.  Thanks to all our clients and friends and family that have been with us through all our web-incarnations… the good, the bad and the non-functioning….   Mobile friendly – here we come!