Special events can come and go so fast. Set up for one night only, they offer just a fleeting opportunity to be showcased. So many of these amazing designs don’t get the same social media or web coverage as the longer running theatre shows and rock and roll tours do.

A notable use of our product for a one night only special event was at the CalArts Halloween Event.

For a Halloween event at the prestigious Southern California art college CalArts (California Institute of the Arts), the task at hand was to find a way to transform the school’s main gallery into a dramatic event space. The addition of two gorgeous Classic LED Backdrops did the trick, providing a perfect backdrop to the innovative colored light show on display. Fabrics: 15oz Encore with Classic LED lights

Adding bluish/white LEDs to DFR Black 15oz Encore turns an otherwise dull black backdrop into an amazingly realistic starlit night sky. With the LEDs placed in the drape in the formation of constellations and star fields, the operator has the option of controlling the light intensity, chase speed, and much more via connection to a lighting board. For a more plug and play operation, the stand-alone controller can be programmed manually without the need to connect to a lighting board.

Want a similar LED Backdrop, but with colored lights? A Chameleon LED Backdrop  is the way to go. Using RGB (red/green/blue) LED lights, the operator has the ability to not only control the light intensity, chase speed, and more, but also to change light colors quickly and easily.

Visit our portfolio page http://www.sewwhatinc.com/portfolio_events.php to see more special event summaries and get inspired for your next design!