Next in our “Meet the SW? Staff” series, I’d LOVE for you to meet one of the most earnest, funny, hard-working, intelligent, and helpful people we’ve ever been lucky enough to have work here at Sew What? Inc. /Rent What? Inc. Andrea Fraser was hired on to be a temporary receptionist during some issues we were having with our phone system last summer, but once the phones were fixed, we literally could NOT IMAGINE not having her stay on and become a permanent part of our company! She brings such great enthusiasm, creativity, and attitude to our daily lives here, she has a great phone presence and attitude so that callers always hear a friendly and helpful voice, and she has quickly become the “go to” person for anything that ANY ONE of us here might need some help with, everything from small tasks to huge projects, and always with a sincere smile on her face. Please take a moment and read, in her own words, a little bit about Andrea, and you’ll see why we are so thrilled to have her as a part of our Whatter’s family!

Andrea F


When did you first start at Sew What? What were you originally hired to do, and how have your duties changed since working here?

I started at Sew What? in July 2015. I was hired as a receptionist and overall assistant to all of the staff here needing a little bit of my help. My mission and goal is to greet and assist anyone in need of backdrops, stage curtains and/or theatrical drapery. Call in and press 0, and you will hear the magical symphony that is my voice swiftly and accurately getting you over to the appropriate person to assist you!

If you could take a vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

I would love to go to Scotland and Costa Rica. I’d love to go to Scotland because so much of my family’s history is there. And of course I would also love to go to Costa Rica because I want to go hiking and adventuring in the jungle and beaches to see all of the incredible natural beauty that is there to see!

What kind of work did you do before coming to Sew What?

Just before becoming a part of the Sew What Team, I worked as a Sales Assistant/Receptionist for a company that rented gym equipment! I did everything from customer service, collections, tech support, QC and shipping. I learned all about the equipment that we rented and so much more. I have made a living by being pleasant, charming and easy to talk too. This makes receptionist the perfect career choice for me! I am naturally a people pleaser and like to be overly pleasant. It came down to two career choices for me. Receptionist or Carnival Barker.

Do you have a special talent?

Dog whisperer. Cat tamer. Snake charmer and breeder (not kidding! I breed Ball Pythons). I can give you useless and in depth facts about animals you’ve never heard of!  I also have some pretty nifty dance moves.

What is your favorite memory/circumstance/event from being part of the Sew What? family?

I’ve actually known the Sew What? family for quite a lot of years. I’m just excited to be a part of the family now on a day to day basis! Working with all these fine people has really been a joy, and I’m learning so much about all things related to drapery and the special event and touring industries.

My favorite event had to be my first one which was the Tail Gate Party. Lots of food, music and good company all being enjoyed outside on a warm summer’s day.   

What is your favorite sports team/TV Show/Book/Movie?

I could go on and on but I’ll limit this down to a reasonable word count. Favorite TV Shows include Walking Dead, New Girl, American Horror Story, and Firefly (I still mourn its cancellation. *Never forget!*). I’ll read anything fantasy/sci-fi based: Stardust, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Hobbit, and Harry Potter. (Don’t judge me, please!) Movie selection includes Princess Bride, Back To The Future, Robin Hood Men In Tights, Galaxy Quest, Ghost Busters, Groundhog’s Day, and Megamind, to name just a few.

What are some of your hobbies?

Adventure! I love to be outdoors. Hiking, Camping, Kayaking, Snake/Lizard Hunting (Catch and release only), tide pools, and beach. I also have two beautiful (giant!) German Shepherds that I try to take everywhere with me.

If I’m not Adventuring! I am sitting with a good book or watching my favorite TV shows.

I love to sing! Though you will notice I did not mention this in the “special talent” portion. (There is a very good reason for that.) 😉

Ball python breeding!

I also have a Kawasaki ZX6R that I love to take out cruising along the coast line. Look out for my leopard spotted helmet and back pack– That’s me!

Anything more about your time here at SW?

Honestly, these are the best group of people anyone could wish to work with. I feel very fortunate to know them and work alongside them. They are hardworking, funny, and r