Many know the saying “a picture paints a thousand words.” Imagine this, you attend a rock concert. Along with hundreds of other concert-goers, you capture photos on your phone and upload them to the Internet. Where do these photos appear? Well, no doubt they will appear on more than one social media account.  One of the most fun sites is Pinterest, a company that allows users to share photos from the Internet, both their own and those of others. So at the click of a button, you have the world at your mouse.

Pinterest allows people to share these moments that are captured or discovered. On the Sew What/Rent What Pinterest account, we enjoy “pinning” a range of photos that interest and excite us, some taken by us, some provided to us by our customers, and some discovered on the Internet. We love the opportunity to share our enthusiasm for beautiful custom stage curtains while also inspiring those who discover our boards on Pinterest.

To highlight one of our pins, this collage photo shows several custom stage drapes (produced by Sew What? Inc.) that operate as kabuki drapes. This means that the drapes start out hanging from truss via solenoids (also shown in this collage), and then when the solenoids are released, the backdrops drop to the floor.


Stage curtains don’t just hide the show from the audience until the show begins, but they can also enhance and highlight the action on stage during the show. We discovered this photo on the Wynn Las Vegas webpage promoting “ShowStoppers,” their spectacular presentation of music and dance. The cool tones of the drapery are gorgeous, and we love how the drapery swags and other scenic elements provide an amazing backdrop to the dancers in their beautiful costumes.


These are just a couple of pins on our account. We have created eight different boards, focusing on topics ranging from Stage Drape Descriptions and Stage Design to Special Event Design Ideas, and much more, so there is sure to be something that will inspire you. Why not visit us on Pinterest next time you are surfing the Internet?