Unique new video just uploaded to You Tube – if you are interested in Sniffer Drapes or Kabuki Drops then this will be a great video for you to view..

What makes this video amazing? ………… is that this sniffer drape for Rascal Flatts is sewn from RIP STOP and not silk.

Sniffer is 35′ h x 35′ w

Kabuki legs are 35′ h x 10′ w


We originally made the set in the more traditional “go to textile,” which is the industry standard light weight wide Polyester Silk.  The client tore it after three shows and came back to us looking for a more durable road friendly solution.  It is a fact – I was extremely hesitant to make it in Rip Stop – even going so far as to tell them that I did not think it would work.  Historically, in the old days the Rip Stop was heavy and sticky with FR treatment and would not drag well into the old school sniffer tube.

This is a modern, efficient and extremely fast motorized sniffer system by LA / Las Vegas automation supplier Show Group Production Services.

The Rip Stop works AMAZINGLY WELL.  We are excited to now offer Rip Stop as a viable sniffer textile solution for our arena clients who need durability.

The take away is this……….  you CAN do an amazing sniffer drape in Rip Stop.  So long as it is going to be used on one of the new school motorized sniffer systems – it will work and work well and offer far better durability than a silk cloth will.  There will of course be a time and a place and a design where the silk will be a better fit ………. But either way, we would love to be your go to resource for your sniffer and kabuki drapery for the touring industry.

Our sincere thanks go out to Jay Schwartz of Rascal Flatts for providing us with this terrific footage to share with others who might be interested in this effective and unique stage reveal effect.

Coincidentally, this is the same system as the Foo Fighters used recently for their world tour.  See the Foo Fighters “silk” sniffer video in action……..