It is hard to believe, but seven years ago today, on March 24, 2009, this blog went live with its first post! In those seven years, we have published nearly 750 posts on a wide range of topics related to custom stage curtains and rental stage drapes.  With several regular contributors plus more occasional contributors throughout those seven years, our readers have had the opportunity to experience different perspectives.

We have tried to educate on topics such as theatrical fabrics, stage effects, flame retardancy, and much more. We have also tried to inspire you by showcasing various projects that we have been involved with and offering ideas on how our readers can utilize stage drapery (whether a purchased custom stage drape or one of our many rental stage curtains) to achieve their design visions.


On that note, I’d like to highlight some of my favorite blog posts from the last seven years.  If you have been a regular reader throughout the years, then maybe you’ll recognize one or more of these posts and enjoy a second read.  If you are new to the blog, then we hope you will enjoy discovering these posts from the past.

2009: Interested in Theatre Lighting?

This blog post offers links to several books and websites focused on stage lighting, with an emphasis on connecting lighting novices to helpful resources. Rediscovering this post reminded me that I still want to order one of those books myself, to increase my knowledge of stage lighting!

2010: Upstage…Downstage…Where am I?

Most people (other than experienced theatre folks) have no idea what “upstage” or “downstage” means on a stage.  This post (with handy diagram) makes it easy to understand the different areas of a stage.

2011: Austrian Drapery Series (Part 1)

…and Part 2, and Part 3

Austrian drapes are so gorgeous that we can’t help but post on them any chance we can, which made it difficult to choose a favorite Austrian curtain blog post. However, this post won as, not only is this drape beautiful (see above!), but the post provides some good information on how these curtains are made.

2012: Great Gag with Kabuki Drop

I’m not going to spoil the surprise, but trust me, you want to check out this post featuring one of the most novel and fun uses of kabuki solenoids that I’ve ever seen!

2013: Standard Drape Sizes

We get a fair number of inquiries from people who want a quote for custom stage curtains but have no idea of the size needed.  This is a terrific post that gives the reader a rough idea of the curtain size needed based on the on the type of venue.  It is also helpful for those in the planning stages for a complete drapery package, as it describes the number and types of drapes typically needed for different types of venues.

2014: Fabric Options for Traditional Bi-Parting Grand Drapes

This is another great post for novices who are starting the process of purchasing new custom stage drapery.  It describes several different fabric options for those looking for a traditional “velvety” look.

2015: When to Print and When to Paint

Back in the day, the only available scenic backdrops were painted.  Today, with grand format digital printing, you have a choice – printed or painted (or even a combination of the two). This extremely useful blog post breaks down when printed is better, when painted is better, and when you should consider a combo.

So there it is, a tiny selection of our posts over the last 7 years.  If you like them, subscribe to our feed to get new posts by email!