Rent What? Inc. offers a huge variety of gorgeous, rich, velvety drapes for all sorts of events and productions. But what do you do if you or your clients want something a little different– something a little more sparkly, with a little more “pizzazz” than traditional draping might offer? We have some amazing drapes that are sure to be a huge hit for your special event, concert, production, trade show, reception, party, and anything else you would want them for. Available from our “Oh So Swanky” collection of drapes are our fabulous Mylar Rain Curtains. These light as air metallic rental drapes are easy to install, and they can add something very special to what might otherwise be “ho-hum” staging.

Mylar 1--Rocky Mountain Arts

These beautiful rental drapes have webbing and ties on top, and loose, flowy strips of silver and/or gold metallic mylar hanging from them all the way to the ground and are available in heights ranging from 8′ h to 23′ h. Custom rain curtains are also available for purchase, offering a wide range not only of height, but also color, strip width, and number of layers.  The sky’s the limit!

These beautiful rain curtains add a lot of texture and sparkle to what might otherwise be a very plain, boring stage or theatre. With dramatic or colorful lighting, these drapes can take on and reflect whatever color scheme your event needs, making them incredibly versatile, festive, and unique. You can also layer these drapes with different colored draping behind them for even more added flair and dimension.

Golden Globe photo booth pic--good.png

Why don’t you consider adding some “Rain” to your next show or special event, and watch as it completely transforms your design into something magical! Contact us, and we’d be happy to explore your options for a rental or custom purchased rain curtain.

Swanky_Mylar Curtain CSULB 2