Roadura is a top performing textile that is road-ready and durable. This water resistant self-lined fabric provides complete opacity with an easy wipe finish. Our touring clients find that it is perfect for utility covers, portable dressing room walls and concert equipment masking. What makes the cloth so great is that it has both a black and a white surface.  The face is a semi-slick black with a fine cordura-like finish, while the back side is a matte white coating.

For outdoor stage skirting, this product is the bomb.  The black side greets the audience, offers water resistance, and the white side gives the under stage crew a lightable area that won’t bleed thru to the audience.  Totally opaque, this material wears many hats!

Roadura also makes a fantastic substrate for a mixed media cut backdrop.  Clients looking for a fully opaque material that they can “perforate” and then backlight – this is the best of the best.  Seen on festival stages around the world and used as a base for many creative and dynamic backdrops in our construction history, we are always exited to see our Roadura “at work and on the road”.


Roadura is exclusively milled by Sew What? Inc with our concert touring clientele in mind. Do you have a unique use in mind for this one of a kind industrial textile? Our sewing machines and sewing talents are at your disposal – just give us a call!