We love seeing the gorgeous rental drapes from our dynamic drapery collections being used for all kinds of special events, rock tours, trade shows, and even holiday parties. Recently we got to see a fantastic example of this by working with the creative folks at Rock The House Entertainment Group, who were designing a really big and sensational holiday event for a large international software company, focused around a fun-filled theme of “A Night At The Movies.”

RR_RTH Crimson Cabaret 11325 - 1

While they had 10 “zones” in total that they had to design and decorate with a specific film’s theme, they knew that they wanted the largest zone to have a “classic cinema feel,” and so they contacted Rent What? Representative Carrie Johns to get some great ideas and suggestions for this important focal point of the event. Lead by innovative Event Designer Ryan Konikoff, and his skilled Production Manager Ryan Durfee, their team knew that they wanted floor to ceiling crimson red drapes with a traditional valance, and preferably some dazzling splashes of gold, too. Together they decided to go with some rich, velvety, dramatic drapes from our Rockin’ Red Drapery Collection, and it turned out to be a smash hit!

RR_RTH Crimson Cabaret 11325 - 2

Using our spectacular 30’h x 31’w Crimson Cabaret pleated theatrical stage drapes, made of Encore Velour adorned with intricate gold printed detail and gold bullion fringe, with matching Crimson Cabaret border and pleated legs, as well as a 40’w Red Super-Vel swagged border, they were able to construct the exact look that their clients were hoping for. It was fantastic to see our drapes bring to life the classic cinematic feel in their renderings and sketches of this project! Hearing from their clients that “the amazing drape covering the big wall tied the whole event together” really made us very proud to be a part of such a stunningly memorable stage design. Photographed beautifully by Marissa Diaz, we can see how creatively mixing and matching drapes from the same drapery collection can create a breathtaking, one-of-a-kind event design. We’ve always loved working with Rock The House on many of their exciting projects, and we genuinely look forward to working with them again in the future.

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