Did you know that Rent What? offers event planners and stage designers a wonderful selection of stage jewelry to dazzle the hippest crowd? Visit our online photo player showing off the various Oh So Swanky! rental drapery under varied installations and lighting styles.  Since the items are all “a la carte,” you can choose just enough bijoux to bring out the beauty in your event.

Modular Reflective Mirrors offer extreme flexibility. 42 individual strings with reflective double sided gold mylar square disks can be hung in line or grouped to make great chandeliers.  Add lights for movement, shadows AND reflections. We call it our “Mirror Mobile.”


Austrian Drape Legs bring the glamorous looks of satin and of traditional old school drapery to your event – the “leg style” pieces are 30 feet high x 16 feet wide and can be hung in unique ways to offer artist entry/exits, as legs, or all together as a backdrop when “zipped” together.  In a tent?  No problem – use the ring lines and lace them up into the ceiling for a unique and beautiful tent ceiling treatment!

Swanky_Aust columns

Bi-parting Crimson Cabaret Drapes with Gold Bullion Trim for the ultimate in drapery decoration.  Imprinted with old fashioned graphic medallions and trimmed out with masses of gold satin and bullion trim…….. this bi-parting main stage drape is sure to be a crowd pleaser.


Shiny Mylar Ribbon Drapes for that “Broadway” look. You can never go wrong with an old school mylar “rain curtain” – always a fun and shimmering backing for any production.  Our theatre clients love these easy to install and light drapery elements.

Swanky_Mylar Curtain CSULB 2

Performance that Rocks! Take a moment to visit our website and view our Rental Drapery Collections.  You will find inspirational photos of the many, and varied, rental stage and concert draperies and backdrops that we have in inventory. You’ll be impressed by the looks! Check out our online Portfolio of Past Drapery Projects. You can also see what exciting events and concerts are showcasing Rent What? draperies by visiting our Press Room. Rent What? has set the stage for tours of many well known artists, including Beyonce, Nickelback, Janet Jackson and Alice In Chains.