You may have heard the terms “Pipe and Drape” or “Pipe and Base,” but aren’t sure what those terms mean.  Or you know that pipe and drape is used for exhibit booths (at trade shows, consumer shows such as Home and Garden shows, and the like), but you aren’t familiar with other ways it can be used.  Maybe you assume it is complicated to set up, and so you didn’t think it would work for your needs.

If so, think again! Pipe and drape is extremely easy to set up.  No special tools are required, and in most cases, no additional equipment is needed.  A simple configuration can be assembled in just a few minutes by two people (no experience required).


This photo demonstrates how beautiful custom drapery, along with furniture and accessories, can transform simple pipe and base hardware into an amazing custom exhibit space. Photo Courtesy Groove Footwear / Vybe Inc.

Pipe and drape can also be used for a number of different applications other than exhibit booths, including hanging a small backdrop, decorating an event space, and much more.

PD_Blue Pipe and Drape

Pipe and drape is an easy option to provide a beautiful backdrop to a musical performance.

Want to see what I mean in action?  Check out our video showing how to assemble Pipe and Drape in several different configurations.

Think pipe and drape might work for your next production, event, show, or other function?  Feel free to contact us, and we would be happy to discuss the variety of purchase and rental options in hardware and drapery to get you the functionality and look that you need.