Consider renting the Rent What? Inc DRAPERY LIFT SYSTEM with Austrian drapery to raise the bar (or the drape) at your next production!

Did you know that Rent What? Inc stocks a portable rental drapery lift system? If you are looking to raise and lower your lift line then this is what you need to “mechanically” operate the drapery. Here are some specifics.

  • 60 foot wide lift system
  • 16 lines 4′ on center
  • Lifts an Austrian / Braille / Contour / Venetian / Waterfall drape.  Want to know more about the different types of drapery that can be lifted?  Visit our drapery descriptions page for an easy to understand overview.
  • Holds drapery up to 30 feet high
  • Proven Reliability
  • Fixed speed / Up, Down & Stop
  • Operates on Single Phase 220v power.

Want to see how the installation process works?  No problem – check it out in this Lift System Installation PDF.

This unit can be rented A La Carte or as a Turn-key System with one of our in stock rental lift draperies already installed.

The system is compatible with any curtain which has lift lines on 4 foot centers. 16 fully connected lines spanning 60 continuous running feet. Single Controller for Up, Down and Stop commands. Centralized Motor ships in one crate with (optional) drape attached. Check out our rental stage drapery collections to see the various Austrian style 30′ x 60′ drapes that are ready to go onto this system.

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Why We Love It, and Why You Will Love It Too………

A motorized stage drape reveal with an exotic detailed drapery does not have to be a designer fantasy. This system is compact, user friendly and affordable. Take your show or event to the next level………  whatever you plan to reveal – make it special.  Try this system for a car reveal, product launch, concert opening or artist appearance.

You will be among famous friends!

Our Ivory Austrian on this lift system is a tough act to follow…. Luckily, the act was Lady Gaga! One of the most (in)famous artists in the industry, she wowed audiences with her performance “in-between” our spectacular curtain moves. Kelly Clarkson, John Mayer, James Taylor, to name a few …………. We have even had our lift system on board Princess Cruise Lines – as you can see in this video.

Want to learn more about achieving a showstopping effect with the Rent What Inc Lift System?  We’d love to hear from you.