Recently we were contacted by Davis Kornegay with Central Christian Church, located in Henderson, Nevada. Davis was the Lighting Programmer and Scenic Designer for the awe-inspiring Christmas show that the church was putting on called The Thrill of Hope,  and was looking for a beautiful mix of drapes that would not only fit the stage and design of the production, but also add some fantastic and versatile drama to this incredible show, too.

RR_Central Christian Church-Red Supervel and Red Austrian 2

Sew What? & Rent What? Account Manager Gwen Winter worked with Davis to help him select the perfect combination of rental drapery to fulfill his design vision, including two of our 28’h x 10’w pleated Red Super-Vel  legs as well as our gorgeous 30’h x 60’w Red Satin Austrian Drape, both from our Rockin’ Red Drapery Collection.  The Austrian Drape was used in the down position as a backdrop for the show’s introduction, while also being used partially raised to serve as a border for the stage while various entertainment acts performed, while the Super-Vel drape legs helped frame the rest of the proscenium beautifully. Also involved in helping create the memorable and electric atmosphere for this show were Producer Dillan Howell and Production Manager Adam Taylor. Photo credit goes to Davis Kornegay for capturing our scintillating red drapes in action during the show.

RR_Central Christian Church-Red Supervel and Red Austrian 3

Not your “normal church-going experience,” this show included engrossing sermons, enchanting singers, mesmerizing digital displays, a raging rock band, 6 breathtaking aerialists, and all sorts of other dynamic entertainment throughout the program. We look forward to working with the creative minds at Central Christian Church every year, and can’t wait to see what new and innovative production designs they come up with in 2016!

Central Christian Snapshot