Back in the day, I used to rely heavily on images from Rock and Roll trade magazines and actually “going to concerts” to keep up with what was going on the industry in terms of drapery and backdrop advancements and styles.

Enter the World Wide Web.  WOW has this really changed the way that things are done.  Being an early adopter with a Flickr account, we were able to start posting our own images in an online photographic inspiration portfolio………. But beyond a showcase of what we have done…….. we now find ourselves loving the scrapbooking style image collection that PINTEREST offers us.


Having fun collating images – both ours and those from across the internet.  Love that we can see and easily recall images from around the world – looking for foreign styles and color theme inspiration for fabrics?  Not a problem – Pinterest lets us compile images and save them for reference and reflection.

One of my favorite boards that we have going currently is our Special Event Design Ideas board.  It is chock full of great photos showing special event styles from around the world.  Interesting to see how colorful and highly decorated some event spaces can be.  When it comes to colors and textiles this is a treasure trove of great ideas.

I hope you will take a moment to visit our Pinterest account. Connect and let’s see your boards too!