With 2016 in full swing, I thought it would be fun to look back at our top ten most popular blog posts of last year, counting down from number 10 to number 1. Want to read one of the posts?  Just click on its title.

10. Want to Learn More About Kabukis?

Readers loved this easy-to-understand primer on how a kabuki drape works (complete with demonstration photos and videos).

9. Metal Mesh Drapes Electrify At Austin City Limits Live

The beauty and versatility of our Metal Mesh drapes (especially when lit) makes them popular to customers and blog readers alike.

8. Our Best Endorsements Come From You!

INDTEX_Rock The House, Mesh #10093

The focus of this post was on how much we appreciate it when clients let us know when our drapery works out for them.  But I suspect that the incredible photo is what most readers loved!

7. Gold Satin Austrian Fits Gold Rush Theme Perfectly

Austrian Curtains are always a popular choice, and this one from our rental inventory works perfectly with the event theme!

6. Exciting Photos Capture Sniffer Effect Perfectly!

Featuring two of the most dramatic photos of a sniffer curtain in action that any of us have ever seen, it’s no wonder this post was popular!

5. Helping Set The Scene With Our Electrifying Mylar Rain Curtain

Golden Globe photo booth pic--good.png

Need instant glitz and glamour? A Mylar Rain Curtain may be just what you need, and one of ours looked great in the Golden Globes Photo Booth at the 72nd Annual Golden Globes® Awards.

4. Ivory Satin Austrian Drape Creates Spectacular Backdrop for Wedding

Austrian Curtains are always a popular choice, as the series of swags set a beautiful romantic tone to any stage or event design.

3. Versatile Custom-Built Drapes Wow Audience At Recent Gala

Luke photo 1

Sometimes, the best thing to help kickstart your design plan is finding just the right inspiration.  This project offers plenty of inspiration on creative and innovative ways to use drapery in event decor.

2. Light Up Your Stage with an LED Stardrop

LED Drapes can add beauty and brilliance to your stage or event, and are easier to use than you might expect.  Learn more about them in this post.

And finally, our most popular blog post of 2015 (drumroll, please)…

1. Opaque, Transparent, or Translucent…Understanding Different Theatrical Fabrics

Trying to figure out what type of fabric to specify for your new custom stage curtain or backdrop?  This post is just what you need to learn about the different levels of fabric opacity, the various situations in which you might want an opaque fabric (or a transparent fabric, or a translucent fabric), and much more.