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Monthly Archives: January 2016

27 01, 2016

Custom Booth Backdrop with LEDs helps win Best Booth Award

By |January 27th, 2016|Digital Printing, News, Products|4 Comments

In late December 2015, Tamara Felux from J. Berry Nursery came to us with an idea for a digitally printed backdrop to add punch to their booth at the upcoming TPIE: Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition, to be held in mid-January in Fort Lauderdale, FL.   The graphic she wanted to print featured a city skyline, and she thought that adding LED lights would really make the backdrop unique, but she wasn’t sure if her idea was possible, especially considering her limited budget and tight timeframe.


We knew we could do it, and so we worked with Tamara and her graphic artist to choose the right quantity and layout of LED lights to meet both their budgetary and artistic needs. Originally, they were planning on a simple “on or off” configuration.  When we started talking about lighting effects, they were thrilled with the idea of being able to do more without spending more, as the included controller allows for programming of a variety of effects, including light intensity, chase speed and patterns, and more.

With all the details nailed down, we got to work printing and sewing the backdrop and installing the Classic Bluish/White LED lights.  The finished piece was completed and received by Tamara in mid-January, less than three weeks after she initially contacted us.

Last week, we heard back from Tamara.  They used the backdrop at the TPIE show and were thrilled with how it made their booth stand out from the crowd.  The best part?  The J.Berry Nursery booth won First Place in the “10’ x 20’ Exhibitor” category! I’m not surprised – the entire booth does look great!

25 01, 2016

Looking for a spectacular show stopping effect?

By |January 25th, 2016|Products|1 Comment

Consider renting the Rent What? Inc DRAPERY LIFT SYSTEM with Austrian drapery to raise the bar (or the drape) at your next production!

Did you know that Rent What? Inc stocks a portable rental drapery lift system? If you are looking to raise and lower your lift line then this is what you need to “mechanically” operate the drapery. Here are some specifics.

  • 60 foot wide lift system
  • 16 lines 4′ on center
  • Lifts an Austrian / Braille / Contour / Venetian / Waterfall drape.  Want to know more about the different types of drapery that can be lifted?  Visit our drapery descriptions page for an easy to understand overview.
  • Holds drapery up to 30 feet high
  • Proven Reliability
  • Fixed speed / Up, Down & Stop
  • Operates on Single Phase 220v power.

Want to see how the installation process works?  No problem – check it out in this Lift System Installation PDF.

This unit can be rented A La Carte or as a Turn-key System with one of our in stock rental lift draperies already installed.

The system is compatible with any curtain which has lift lines on 4 foot centers. 16 fully connected lines spanning 60 continuous running feet. Single Controller for Up, Down and Stop commands. Centralized Motor ships in one crate with (optional) drape attached. Check out our rental stage drapery collections to see the various Austrian style 30′ x 60′ drapes that are ready to go onto this system.

DW_Pollstar 2

Why We Love It, and Why You Will Love It Too………

A motorized stage drape reveal with an exotic detailed drapery does not have to be a designer fantasy. This system is compact, user friendly and affordable. Take your show or event to the next level………  whatever you plan to reveal – make it special.  Try this system for a car reveal, product launch, concert opening or artist appearance.

You will be among famous friends!

Our Ivory Austrian on this lift system is a tough act to follow…. Luckily, the act was Lady Gaga! One of the most (in)famous artists in the industry, she wowed audiences with her performance “in-between” our spectacular curtain moves. Kelly Clarkson, John Mayer, James Taylor, to name a few …………. We have even had our lift system on board Princess Cruise Lines – as you can see in this video.

Want to learn more about achieving a showstopping effect with the Rent What Inc Lift System?  We’d love to hear from you.

21 01, 2016

Innovative Production Design Creates Breathtaking Christmas Production

By |January 21st, 2016|Clients, Products, Projects|1 Comment

Recently we were contacted by Davis Kornegay with Central Christian Church, located in Henderson, Nevada. Davis was the Lighting Programmer and Scenic Designer for the awe-inspiring Christmas show that the church was putting on called The Thrill of Hope,  and was looking for a beautiful mix of drapes that would not only fit the stage and design of the production, but also add some fantastic and versatile drama to this incredible show, too.

RR_Central Christian Church-Red Supervel and Red Austrian 2

Sew What? & Rent What? Account Manager Gwen Winter worked with Davis to help him select the perfect combination of rental drapery to fulfill his design vision, including two of our 28’h x 10’w pleated Red Super-Vel  legs as well as our gorgeous 30’h x 60’w Red Satin Austrian Drape, both from our Rockin’ Red Drapery Collection.  The Austrian Drape was used in the down position as a backdrop for the show’s introduction, while also being used partially raised to serve as a border for the stage while various entertainment acts performed, while the Super-Vel drape legs helped frame the rest of the proscenium beautifully. Also involved in helping create the memorable and electric atmosphere for this show were Producer Dillan Howell and Production Manager Adam Taylor. Photo credit goes to Davis Kornegay for capturing our scintillating red drapes in action during the show.

RR_Central Christian Church-Red Supervel and Red Austrian 3

Not your “normal church-going experience,” this show included engrossing sermons, enchanting singers, mesmerizing digital displays, a raging rock band, 6 breathtaking aerialists, and all sorts of other dynamic entertainment throughout the program. We look forward to working with the creative minds at Central Christian Church every year, and can’t wait to see what new and innovative production designs they come up with in 2016!

Central Christian Snapshot

19 01, 2016

Love the Internet for All the Photographic Resources It Brings Us!

By |January 19th, 2016|Company, Products, Projects|1 Comment

Back in the day, I used to rely heavily on images from Rock and Roll trade magazines and actually “going to concerts” to keep up with what was going on the industry in terms of drapery and backdrop advancements and styles.

Enter the World Wide Web.  WOW has this really changed the way that things are done.  Being an early adopter with a Flickr account, we were able to start posting our own images in an online photographic inspiration portfolio………. But beyond a showcase of what we have done…….. we now find ourselves loving the scrapbooking style image collection that PINTEREST offers us.


Having fun collating images – both ours and those from across the internet.  Love that we can see and easily recall images from around the world – looking for foreign styles and color theme inspiration for fabrics?  Not a problem – Pinterest lets us compile images and save them for reference and reflection.

One of my favorite boards that we have going currently is our Special Event Design Ideas board.  It is chock full of great photos showing special event styles from around the world.  Interesting to see how colorful and highly decorated some event spaces can be.  When it comes to colors and textiles this is a treasure trove of great ideas.

I hope you will take a moment to visit our Pinterest account. Connect and let’s see your boards too!

13 01, 2016

Top Ten Blog Posts of 2015

By |January 13th, 2016|Company, Education, Fabrics, links, News, Products, Projects|1 Comment

With 2016 in full swing, I thought it would be fun to look back at our top ten most popular blog posts of last year, counting down from number 10 to number 1. Want to read one of the posts?  Just click on its title.

10. Want to Learn More About Kabukis?

Readers loved this easy-to-understand primer on how a kabuki drape works (complete with demonstration photos and videos).

9. Metal Mesh Drapes Electrify At Austin City Limits Live

The beauty and versatility of our Metal Mesh drapes (especially when lit) makes them popular to customers and blog readers alike.

8. Our Best Endorsements Come From You!

INDTEX_Rock The House, Mesh #10093

The focus of this post was on how much we appreciate it when clients let us know when our drapery works out for them.  But I suspect that the incredible photo is what most readers loved!

7. Gold Satin Austrian Fits Gold Rush Theme Perfectly

Austrian Curtains are always a popular choice, and this one from our rental inventory works perfectly with the event theme!

6. Exciting Photos Capture Sniffer Effect Perfectly!

Featuring two of the most dramatic photos of a sniffer curtain in action that any of us have ever seen, it’s no wonder this post was popular!

5. Helping Set The Scene With Our Electrifying Mylar Rain Curtain

Golden Globe photo booth pic--good.png

Need instant glitz and glamour? A Mylar Rain Curtain may be just what you need, and one of ours looked great in the Golden Globes Photo Booth at the 72nd Annual Golden Globes® Awards.

4. Ivory Satin Austrian Drape Creates Spectacular Backdrop for Wedding

Austrian Curtains are always a popular choice, as the series of swags set a beautiful romantic tone to any stage or event design.

3. Versatile Custom-Built Drapes Wow Audience At Recent Gala

Luke photo 1

Sometimes, the best thing to help kickstart your design plan is finding just the right inspiration.  This project offers plenty of inspiration on creative and innovative ways to use drapery in event decor.

2. Light Up Your Stage with an LED Stardrop

LED Drapes can add beauty and brilliance to your stage or event, and are easier to use than you might expect.  Learn more about them in this post.

And finally, our most popular blog post of 2015 (drumroll, please)…

1. Opaque, Transparent, or Translucent…Understanding Different Theatrical Fabrics

Trying to figure out what type of fabric to specify for your new custom stage curtain or backdrop?  This post is just what you need to learn about the different levels of fabric opacity, the various situations in which you might want an opaque fabric (or a transparent fabric, or a translucent fabric), and much more.