Recently, the wonderfully talented Tom Underhill (who has taken many of our in-house photos) did a photo shoot involving all of the staff here at Sew What? / Rent What? Utilizing a bin of random costume pieces / props that we keep here (yes, once in awhile we do have random “Wear a funny hat” days and the like), he invited each of us to pick a hat or boa or other prop and “ham it up” for the camera. None of us knew at the time what it was for, but we all had a blast doing it (and watching others do it).

Sew What Rent What Holiday Greeting

What did Tom do with all of those photos? He combined them into a single video, which was posted last week on our You Tube channel.  It really is a fun video, and one that shows how all of us here at Sew What? / Rent What? try to have fun every day at work.  It’s not just work here – it’s a family, and I think this video shows that.

So, on this festive day, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our readers Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May you all find the joy in your life that this video portrays!