We just LOVE that our clients are quickly realizing how versatile, dramatic, and memorable our Metal Mesh drapes can be for all kinds of programs and productions, and that they are NOT just for rock shows anymore! Everyone from churches, schools, trade shows, and even orchestral concerts are using them to add some real pizazz to their stage design, and with some colorful stage lighting these unique drapes can help create a truly one-of-a-kind look for their shows time and time again.

Oregon Symphony Orchestra 1

Recently we got to work with one of our regular clients, the Oregon Symphony Orchestra, for the stage design on their yearly Gospel Christmas 2105 weekend of concerts which also included the Pacific Northwest Gospel Choir. Led by the incredibly talented Lighting and Scenic Designer Justin Dunlap, his team wanted some great rental drapes that would be a dramatic addition to the gorgeous and ornate proscenium already there at the concert hall, and stand out from what may be considered “standard holiday décor.”

Oregon Symphony Orchestra 2
Justin chose to work with some of our 28’h x 10’w Metal Mesh drapes, and a couple 4’h x 50’w Metal Mesh borders, all from our Industrial Textures Drapery Collection. He hung two mesh “legs” on each side of the stage about 18 inches apart, and lit them both from up and down stage, as well as in between, to really help make them “POP” to the audience. Layering the borders along the top of the proscenium also helped create some great texture and depth to the overall design. Adding in some whimsical and festive snowflake and holiday-themed gobo lighting, and adding some special holiday touches to the stage design, they were able to produce a wonderfully festive ambiance. And as you can see by Justin’s stunning photos, by simply changing some of the colorful theatrical stage lighting from song to song, they were able to help give their stage an exciting and joyous atmosphere, while still maintaining an enchanting holiday look and feel for their shows.

Oregon Symphony Orchestra 3
Our Metal Mesh Drapes are available for rental OR purchase–if you would like to have a custom shape or size built for your special event or show, we can do that for you, too! Contact our team of creative sales staff to help you figure out which would be best suited for your own specific needs.