We love it when a design plan comes together for our clients, and especially when we get to be a part of it! Recently one of our amazing clients, Legacy Production Group, needed to create a design motif for a huge yearly meeting with a rather specific theme—“The Gold Rush.” Led by the creative mind of designer (and Legacy Production Group president) Tom Gorman, they knew they needed a backdrop that would be instrumental with helping give the mood and feel for this theme, but also still be versatile enough to be used for other parts of the event, too.

TT_Gold Satin Austrian, Legacy Production Group 3

He decided on using our gorgeous and decadent 30’h x 60’w Gold Satin Austrian drape from our Timeless and Traditional Drapery Collection, to really help give a golden, shimmery look to the “Gold Rush” aspect of the event. However, for the other parts of the event, they were able to create completely fresh and unique looks by simply changing the decorations around the ballroom, and adding in some dramatic theatrical font lighting to the drape. What a difference it made to the golden drape! You can clearly see below that the satin fabric is a PERFECT example of a substrate that reflects lighting beautifully, so you aren’t necessarily “stuck” with the color of the fabric itself. The design can be unlimited with its overall look by simply adding in some colorful lights!

TT_Gold Satin Austrian, Legacy Production Group 1

We love it when we are able to help our clients with their creative visions, and Tom and his team did an extraordinary job with designing not one, but several, great looks for this special event.

TT_Gold Satin Austrian, Legacy Production Group 2