Last weekend when enjoying tamales at the local Mexican restaurant, I spoke with other table guests about the hours of preparation, not to mention the skills required, to prepare and serve this delicious traditional dish.  In this very consumer centric society where everything is fast fast fast – now now now – and “I needed it yesterday,” it is almost that we are encouraged to “hide” the work that goes into what we do. Be it cooking a dish – or creating a backdrop. The appreciation isn’t in how long it took to create the product, but rather in whether or not it arrived on time. It seems that almost ALL the focus is simply on the end product and the moment of delivery.

I would like a dollar for every call that comes in to us here at Sew What? / Rent What? on a Friday at 3pm; and then the astonishment that ensues when we have to break the bad news that we can’t have a 40×40 sewn up before close of business that very same day.  I have even been asked – “can you get them to sew faster?” Answer.  NO!

But perhaps we are encouraging this type of mindset by not sharing all the layers of preparation and the man hours required to create our giant textile masterpieces. And so – here’s a nice little short video that Tom Underhill created for us.  It shows off the amazing and skilled sewing team doing what they do best.  Crafting and creating these often massive stage drapery set pieces.

I do hope you will enjoy a little of the “hands on” side of our company.  Please – may we introduce to you the sewing room?!