We love being a part of celebrations all over the country, but we have a LOT of fun when we get to be a part of our clients’ holiday themed special events, parties, productions, and trade shows, too. There is just something so magical about the transformation of an “ordinary” space when it’s all decked out in the holiday colors, styles, and embellishments that help make the event become truly SPECTACULAR!

RR_Vox Productions Red Supervel
This past Halloween we were thrilled to work with designer Shawn Sedlacek with Vox Productions, and provide him with some gorgeous rental 12’h x 10’w Red Super-Vel pleated theatrical draperies from our Rockin’ Red Drapery Collection. He was able to use these drapes for the extremely memorable event design at this year’s Playboy Mansion Entrance Facade at the 2015 Carnival of Screams.  He needed something for their entranceway that was lightweight, easy to hang, yet durable, and of course he wanted something to stay within the event’s motif, too.

RR_Red Sup PB
The pop of the rich red color from these drapes, and some added sensational touches of macabre Halloween enhancements and dramatic lighting, all ended up being perfect for their vision. His inventive use of color and design create a real “Scream” of an entrance for this year’s festive party guests!