Our theatrical draperies and supplies are used in some of the largest, most popular, and most televised special events, concerts, and productions around the globe. We are thrilled to be even a small part of these massive endeavors. However, we are also JUST as thrilled to be a part of church shows, school productions and other local special events and occasions, too!

Billy Blanks Jr. 2

Recently we got to work with design coordinator Chris Latshman and world renowned physical trainer Billy Blanks, Jr.  They were shooting a workout video with his amazing team of “Dance It Out” group exercise instructors, which also included his father Billy Blanks, Sr. of “Tae-bo” fame. How exciting was it for us to see drapes from a variety of our rental drapery collections in the video shoot of their newest workout video—from our dramatic Metal Mesh backdrops, to our lush Red Supervel Pleated Legs, and topped off with our dazzling Chameleon LED drapes. In a somewhat smaller physical space, they were able to creatively change the drapes around and added some theatrical lighting which simply, yet effectively, created sensationally unique sets for their different work-out routines.

Billy Blanks Jr. 4

We love working with our clients to help bring their individual design visions to life—whether it be for an international rock tour, a world-televised awards show or sporting event, or helping a fantastic team of exercise instructors create the most dynamic, electrifying workout video possible!

Billy Blanks Jr. 3