Sometimes you may feel like you have *almost* all of the design elements you need for your special event or in-house production, but are missing just a little “certain something.” That’s where our amazing and versatile rental drapery inventory can come in handy in a pinch with your own unique stage design!

Recently one of our dynamic and creative clients, Webb Audio Visuals, was helping design the awards gala for the doTerra “Alive” 2015 Convention, with an audience of over 5,000 dinner guests, including over 800 award recipients walking across the stages. The original design was done by Webb A.V., and used a lot of in-house drapery elements, but they still needed a little something sparkly and dramatic to embellish their stage design.

LED_WebbAv White Voile LED
They decided to add some of our dazzling rental White Voile LED drapes both to the main stage (as you can see in the photo above) and also flanking the stage on each side, which truly added the perfect touch to their beautiful event design. Extremely lightweight and easy to hang, these drapes are a memorable addition to any staging in which you need to add some sheer brilliance. Photographed by designer and company president Steve Webb, we were thrilled to see how incredibly gorgeous the design turned out for this excited crowd!

We love being able to come through for our clients with added touches to their own design vision—let us help add that “extra touch” for your next big event, too.