In the market for new custom stage curtains, but confused about what type of flame retardant fabric to choose based on your specific needs?  I can understand your confusion.  There are many different types of flame retardant fabric available, but not all fabrics work for all situations.  For example, one fabric might be great for blocking light, but you actually need curtains that allow diffuse light but still allow it to shine through.

If this sounds like you, we have a terrific resource available to you on our website.  It is called “Opaque, Transparent, or Translucent? Tips for Making the Best Fabric Choice for Stage Draperies.” In the article, we explain the differences between these three terms as well as give you specific examples of situations and fabrics. To access the full article in Adobe pdf format (to download, print, or read online), click here.


Another helpful resource is the eSwatches section of our website.  This section lists a number of different fabrics, categorized by fabric type, and identified as to the most common areas of use for each fabric.  When viewing a specific fabric eSwatch page, photos of the fabric’s color range are provided as well as additional information on that fabric (such as suggestions on when to use the fabric, more details on whether it is opaque, transparent, or translucent, and more.

Of course, another great resource is our experienced staff members.  Feel free to contact us online or by phone – we would be happy to advise you on the fabrics we think would work best for your project.